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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


Dun, f. the Danube.
dunga, f. a useless fellow, = dugga (huglaus dunga).
dun-henda, f. = dunhendr httr.
dun-hendr, a., hendr httr, a sort of metre (when the second line of each couplet begins with the concluding word of the first line);
dunhent, a. n. = hendr httr.
dunn, m. band, gangs, drove (flyktust skarfarnir saman einn dun).
dunna, f. the wild duck, mallard.
dupt, n. dust (verða at dupti).
dupti, m. dust (einn lttr dupti).
dupt-liga, adv. like dust;
dupt-ligr, a. consisting of dust (ligr mar).
dupt-ugr, a. dusty, covered with dust.
dura-dmr, m. a court at the door of the defendant;
-gtti, n. = dyrigtti;
-stafr, m. = dyristafr;
-sto, f. doorpost;
-umbningr, m. doorframe;
-veggr, m. doorjamb;
-vrr, m. door-keeper.
dur-vrr, m. door-keeper.
dusil-hross, n. = drysilhross.
dusil-menni, n. = drysilmenni.
dusla (-a), v. to be busy with trifling matters (Sveinki var par duslandi).
dust, n. dust (vr erum dust ok aska; vera at dusti).
dust, n. tilt (halt eitt d. me mik).
dustera, (-a), v. to run a tilt.
dusti, m. grain of dust.
dfa (gen. pl. dfna), f. (1) dove, pigeon; (2) poet. wave.
dfl, n. noise made by submersion (rare);
dfla, (-a), v. to make a noise (when falling into water).
dfu-ligr, a. dove-like;
-ungi, m. a young dove.
dka (-a), v. to cover with a cloth (matsveinar fru at d. bor).
duk-laus, a. without a cloth.
dkr (-a, -ar), m. (1) any cloth or textile fabric; (2) tablecloth; (3) towel, napkin.
dk-slitr, n. rags of a cloth.
dn-ber, n. a bed of down.
dn-hgindi, n. pillow or bolster of down;
-kli, n. pl, bedclothes of eiderdown;
-koddi, m. pillow of down.
dnn, m. down, bed of down (sofi hann dni).
dra (-a) v. to nap, lake a nap.
drr, m. nap, slumber.
ds, n. lull, dead calm; opt kemr iregn r dsi, a lull is often followed by a heavy shower.
dsa (-a), v, to quake (jr dsai).
dvala (-a), v. to delay, put off, with acc. (muna Helgi hjring d.); with dat.; ef r dvali ferinni, if you put off the journey.
dvala, f. (1) a long stay; (2) delay.
dvalan, f. prolongation (d. lfs ns).
dval-samligr, a. slow, tardy (sarnligt setr slarinnar);
-samr, a. causing delay; em verr samt, one is delayed.
dvelja (dvel, dvalda, dvaldr or dvalinn), v. (1) to delay; d. fr es, to delay one's journey; d. fer sna, to put off one's (own) journey; d. dm, to defer judgement; d. r fyrir konu, to put off a woman's marriage; gtu eir hann eptir dvalit, they managed to keep him back; d. en fr eu, to keep one from doing a thing; absol., dvaldi at fyrir fer eirra, it delayed their journey; (2) = dveljast, to tarry (ok vildu eigi d. ok eigi bia Olafs konungs); dvel eigi, tarry not!, make haste!; (3) with acc. of time, to wait, stay (konungr dvaldi mestan hluta sumars Hlogalandi); d. stund es, to hold one up; d. af stundir, to kill the time; (4) refl., dveljast, to stay, make a stay (dvaldist ar um hr); s dagr mun d., that day will be long in coming; d. munu stundirnar r en sagt er allt at, er ek veit, it will lake many hours, it will be a long time before all is told; ef at delst, at ek koma eigi hingat, I should be hindered from coming; impers., dvaldist eim ar lengi, they made a long stay there; dvaldist eim ar at v, in (doing) that they lost much time.
dvena (-a), v. an old form for 'dvina'.
dverg-mli, m. echo (steirm svarar me mla).
dvergr (-s, -ar), m. (1) dwarf (lgr

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