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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


drykkju-skli, m. drinkinghall;
drykkju-stofa, f. = skli.
drykk-lauss, a. without drink;
drykk-leysi, n. want of drinkables.
drykkr (-jar, -ir), m. (1) drink, drinking; sitja at (yfir) drykk, to sit drinking; hvat hafa Einherjar at drykk, what kind of drink have the E.; (2) drought; reyta drykkinn, to take a deep draught; drekka tveimr, remr, drykkjum, to drain in two, three draughts.
drykk-sll, a. lucky in drink.
drysil-djfull, m. petty devil, devil-kin;
-hross, n. paltry horse;
-menni, n. a paltry man.
drgindi, n. pl. increase, saving.
drgja (-a, -r), v. (1) to commit, perpetrate, carry out, practice (d. synd, hrdm, munulfi); d. vilja es, to compily with one's wishes; d. hlni vi en, to obey one; (2) to make to go far, eke out (drttinn drgi sv r vistir, at r, &c.); hvat arf etta orum d. (to expatiate on)?
drg-liga, adv. = drjgliga;
-mltr, a. longwinded.
drpi-ligr, a. deserving death.
drplingr, m. a petty drpa.
drpr, a. who may be killed with impunity.
drsa, f. idle talk, twaddle.
drmt, a. n., lta d. vi, to hesitate.
drfn (gen. drafnar, pl. drafnir), f. poet. billow.
drgur, f. pl., see 'draga', f.
drsull, m. poet. horse, = drasill.
drttr, m. lubber (rare).
dubba (-a), v. (1) to equip, arm (Saul dubbar n David me sjlfs sins herklum); d. en upp, to attire one in full dress; d. sik, to trim oneself; (2) d. en til riddara, to dub one a knight.
dubban, f. dubbing a knight.
dubl, dufl, n. game at dice, gambling.
dubla, dufla (-a), v. to gamble.
dublari, m. gambler.
duga (-a, -at), v. (1) to help, aid, support, with dat.; d. em at or vi, to succour, lend help (Gsli fr at d. eim vi); (2) to do, suffice; at er r man d., which will do for thee, hefir oss dugat essi trnar, this faith has served us very well; ftt er sv illt at einugi dugi, few things are utterly useless; mun r eigi at d. at sofa hr, it will not do (is not safe) for thee to sleep here; (3) absol., to show prowess, do good service; dug hverr sem hann mtti, every one did his best; (4) to suffice, be strong enough; ef itt i dugir, if thy wit suffices; ef vitni duga, if the witnesses fail not.
dugandi, pr. p. doughty (d. mar).
dugandis-mar, dugand-mar, m. a brave, doughty man.
dugga, f. a useless fellow.
dug-lauss, a. good for nothing.
dugnaar-mar, m. (1) helper, help in need; (2) = dugandi mar;
-stigr, m. path of virtue;
-vpn, n. weapon of defence (against temptation).
dugnar (gen. ar), m. (1) aid, assistance; veita em dugna, to give help to one; (2) virtue.
dugr, m. doughtiness, strength of soul or body (aldri er d. r).
dul, f. (1) concealment; drepa, draga d. et, to conceal; me d., secretly (2) self-conceit; d. vil, pride and wilfulness; tla sr d., to be so conceited; draga d. sik, to think a great deal of oneself; ganga fram d., to go on in one's conceit.
dula (-a), v. to deny (rare).
dular-bnar, m. disguise;
-reir, m. oath of denial;
-fullr, a. self-conceited;
-kli, n. pl. disguise;
-kufl, m. a cloak used for a disguise.
dul-eir, m. = dulareir;
dulhttr, m. a hood used for a disguise.
dulinn, a. = dularfullr (d. at sr).
dul-kli, n. pl.= dularki.
dulnar, m. conceit, self conceit.
dul-remmi, -rna, f. self conceit;
dulsamr, a. self conceited.
dumba, f. dust, cloud of dust.
dumbr, a. (also dumbi) dumb, mute (gaf hann durnburn ml, en daufum heyrn); d. stafr, a inule (letter).
dumpa (-a), v. to thump (rare).
duna (-a), v. to boom, roar (dunar skginum);
duna, f. a rushing, thundering noise.

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