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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


diminishing; sv dregr at mr af elli, svengd, orsta, I am so overcome by old age, hunger, thirst; n ykki mr sem fast dragi at r, that thou art sinking fast; d. hring hnd sr, to put a ring on one's hand; d. (grun) et, to suspect; d. vetr, to rear through the winter (Hrafnkell dr vetr klf ok ki); impers., dregr tunglit, the moon is obscured (= dregr myrkr tunglit); dimmu ykkir d. rit Odds, it looks as if a cloud was drawing over Odds' affairs; dregr glei biskups, the bishop's gladness was obscured; d. eptir em, to gain on one (orarinn stti kaft rrinn ok hans menn, ok drgu skjtt eptir eim Steinlfi ok Kjallaki); d. eptir em um et, to approach one, to be nearly equal to one, in a thing; um margar rttir (in many accomplishments) dr hann fast eptir lafi konungi; d. et fram, to produce, bring forward (d. fram athugasamlig dmi); to further, promote (d. fram hlut es); d. fram kaupeyri sinn, to make money; d. fram skip, to launch a ship; impers., dregr fr, (cloud darkness) is drawn off; hratt stundum fyrir, en stundum dr fr, (clouds) drew sometimes over, sometimes off; dregr fyrir sl, tungl, the sun, moon is obscured by clouds or eclipse (tunglskin var ljst, en stundum dr fyrir); ok er tk at d. skrirnar, when showers began to gather; d. e saman, to collect, gather (d. li, her, skip saman); impers., saman dr kaupmla me eim, they struck a bargain; saman dr hugi eirra, their hearts were drawn together; dregr saman or dregr saman me eim, the distance between them grows less; d. et sundr, to draw asunder, disjoin (vil ek eigi d. sundr sttir yrar); impers., dregr sundr or dregr sundr me eim, the distance between them increases; d. en til es, to move, prompt, induce; engi ofkti dregr mik til essarar ferar; it is not from wantonness that I undertake this journey; slkt dregr hann til vinsldar, this furthers his popularity, ef hann drgi ekki till if he was not concerned; d. et til dmis um et, to adduce as a proof of; hann ht at d. allt til,stta (to do everything in his power for reconciliation) me eim Skota konungi; impers., nema til verra dragi, unless matters turn out for the worse; with dat., at samband eirra, er eim dregr bum til bana, which will prove fatal to both of them; at hr mundi til mikillar giptu d. um kaup essi, that much mischief would arise from this bargain; dr enn til sundrykkju me eim Svum, the old feud with the Swedes began all over again; sv er at, segir R., ef ekki dregr til, unless some unforesceen thing happens; d. et undan em, to seek to deprive one of a thing (eir hafa bundizt v at d. bndr undan r); d. et undan, to delay (drgu Skotar undan sttina); hv dregr undan at bja mr til n ? why dost thou put off inviting me to come?; d. rt undan (tlu), to extract the root; d. undan em, to escape from one (n lgir seglin eirra ok draga eir undan oss); impers., hann (acc.) dr undan sem nauuligast, he had a narrow escape; ltt dr enn undan vi ic, there was little chance of drawing out of thy reach; d. et undir sik, to appropriate or take fraudulently to oneself (hafi dregit undir sik finnskattinn); impers., dr yr (acc.) undir hrakningina, en oss (acc.) undan, you came in for hard uasge but we escaped; d. upp skip, to drag a ship ashore; d. upp segl, to hoist a sail (sails); d. upp fisk, to pull up fish with a line; impers., oku dregr upp, fog is coming on; (11) refl., dragast, to draw oneself, move; d. aptr lei, to remain behind; d. hendr em, to gather around one; d. et, to give a partial promise (orvarr drst at lj Sturlu sverit, ok frst at fyrir); d. legg, to grow up, egar honum drst aldr, when her grew up; em dragast penningar, one maks money; herr, li, drengst em, troops gather round

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