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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


one; d. vel, illa, to do well, ill; drst liit mjk af kulda, the host suffered much from cold; au drgust (they pulled against each other, fought) um einn gullhring; Sigvaldi dregst t fr flotanum, S. drains away from the fleet; d. vi et, to become discouraged.
draga, f. only in pl. 'drgur', (1) timber carried on horseback and trailing along the ground; (2) metric term, repetition, anadiplosis (when a stanza begins with the last word of the preceding one).
dragi, m. trail or long line of laden horses.
drag-kyrtill, m. a trailing kirtle or gown;
-loka, f. bolt; fig. loiterer;
-mll, a. drawing.
dragna (a), v. to drag, trail oneself along (hann dragnar sian heim at brinu); refl., dragnast = dragna.
dragna-hross, n. a horse carrying timber ('drgur').
drag-nl, f. bodkin.
-net, n. dragnet;
-reip, n. halyard.
dragsa (a), v. to drag along.
drag-sr, a. trailing behind (sar silkislr).
dramb, n. (1) arrogance (ofbeldi ok dramb); (2) pomp.
dramba (a) v. to be haughty, behave with arrogance (d. vi em, mti em); d. af eu, to pride oneself on; d. yfir sr, to boast; d. yfir em, to lord it over one, look down upon one.
dramban, f. haughty behaviour.
dramb-hosur, f. pl. a sort of 'courtbreeches';
-lauss, a. unpresuming, modest;
-ltliga, adv. haughtilly;
-ltr, a. haughty;
n. haughtiness, pride.
drambltis-kona, a. proud woman.
dramb-samliga, adv. haughtily;
-samligr a. haughty (samligr metnar);
-samr, a. haughty, proud;
-semi, f. haughtiness, pride.
drambsemis-andi, m. spirit of pride;
-ftr, m. a foot showing pride (hefja ft mt em);
-hals, m. haughty person.
dramb-skapr, m. arrogance.
drambs-mar, m. a haughty person.
dramb-vsi, f. = semi;
-vss, a. = samr;
-yri, n. pl. proud speech,
drangr (s, ar), m. a detached pillar of rock.
drang-steinn, m. = drangr.
drasill, m. poet. horse, = drsull.
dratta (a), v. to drag, trail oneself along.
draug-hent, a. n. a sort of metre;
-hs, n. pl. 'house of ghosts', burial mound (poet.).
draugr (s, ar), m. the dead inhabitant of a cairn, ghost, spirit.
drauma-mar, m. a great dreamer.
-rning, f. reading of dreams;
-skrimsl, n. dreammonster, phantasm;
-vetr, m. winter of dreams.
draum-heill, n. divination by dreams;
-kona, f. 'dreamwoman', one who appears in dreams;
-ligr, a. dreamlike (lig sjnhverfing);
-mar, m. a man who appears in dreams;
-rar, m. pl. dreamfantasies.
draumr (s, ar), m. dream; eigi er mark at draumum, dreams are not worth noticing; segja em draum, to tell one's dream to another; ra draum, to read (interpret) a dream; d. rtist, a dream proves true; vakna eigi vi gan draum, to awake from a bad dream; em er draums, one dreams, is in a trance.
draum-skrk, n. pl. dream phantasm;
-spakr, a. skilled in interpreting dreams;
-speki, f. skill in interpreting dreams;
-spekingr, m. a skilfull interpreter of dreams;
-stoli, a. one who never dreams (cf. at er eigi manns eli, at hann dreymi aldri');
-ing, n. assembly of dreams poet. sleep.
drk, drka, f. streak.
drp, n. slaughter, killing.
drpa, f. a heroic laudatory poem with refrains in the central portion (contrasted with 'flokkr').
drp-gjarn, a. bloodthirsty.
drpu-ml, n. a lawsuit concerning a drpa.
drp-ver, n. destructive gale.

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