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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


court; ml ferr dm, a case goes into court; (4) state, condition; heiinn d., heathenism; kristinn d., the Christian faith; (5) heilagr d., helgir dmar, relic, relics; (6) in compds., dom, head, hood (gudmr, Godhead, manndmr, manhood, konungdmr, kingdom, etc.).
dm-rof, n. disregard of judgement;
-runing, f. challenging (of judges).
dms-dagr, m. doomsday, day of judgement ( degi, er gu kemr at dma illt mannkyn).
dm-seta, f. sitting in court, judgement;
-setning, f. selling or opening the court.
dms-mar, m. judge;
-or, n. judgement, sentence.
dm-spekt, f. acuteness of judgement, wise discernment;
-star, m. a place in which a court is held;
-stefna, f. summoning, citing;
-stll, m. judgemeniseat, tribunal;
-sti, n. = stll;
-str, a. qualified to sit in a court as a lawful judge (eiga stt);
-varzla, f. the guarding of a court;
-vrzlumar, m. a man who guards the court.
dttir (gen., dat., and, acc., dttur, pl. dtr), f. daughter.
draf, n. draf, husk.
drafl, n. idle talk, tattle.
drafli, m. curdled milk when cooked.
drafla-yri, n. drafl.
drafna (a), v. to become rotten as draff (d. sundr).
drag, n. (1) the iron rim under the keel of a boat or a sled; fig., leggja. undir ofmetna es, to encourage one's spirit; (2) an additional line to a stanza.
draga (dreg; dr, drgum; dreginn), v. (1) to draw, drag, pull; d. heim viinn, to drag the logs home; d. rar, to pull the oars; absol., drgu eir skjtt eptir, they soon pulled up to them; d. boga, to draw the bow; d. segl, to hoist sails (= d. upp segl); d. fisk, to catch, pull up fish with a line; d. kvernstein, to turn the millstone, to grind; vi ramman mun reip at d., it will be pulling a rope against a strong man, i. e. it will be a difficult task; (2) to draw, inhale (d. uefjan me nsum) d. nasir af eu, to smell a thing, d. ndina, to breathe, live; (3) to procure, earn, gain (egar hann hafi f dregit sem hann vildi); d. em et, to procure (or get) one a thing, (eigi sgust eir vita, at hann drgi Haraldi rki) : (4) to employ, as a measure (d. kvara vi viml); (5) to prolong protract (dvalir essar drgu tmann); (6) to delay, put off, defer; vil ek essi svr ekki lta d. fyrir mr iengi, I will not wait long for these answers; hann dr um at engan hlut, he made no subterfuge; (7) to delineate, draw a picture (var dregit skjldinn leo me gulli); ann tma sem hann dregr klafllin (the folds) (8) to trim or line garments (treyjan var dregin tan ok innan vi raua silki); with dat., hjlmr hans var dreginn leiri (overlaid with clay), er r var (dreginn) gulli; (9) intrans to move, draw; drgu eir eim sv nr (came so near to them), at; (10) with preps.; d. ft, skkldi af em to pull off one's clothes, shoes; d. hring af hendi sr, to take off a ring from one's hand; dr hann grunninu, he pulled them off the shallow; d. et af eu, to draw, derive from a source; d. et at, to take off (. hafi ltit af d. brna) d. et af vi en, to keep back, withhold, from one; man han af eigi a dregit vi oss, henceforth we shall no be neglected, stinted; Egill dr at sr skipit, E. pulled the ship close up to himself; d. vl at em, to draw wiles around one; d. spott, skaup, at eu, to hold a thing up to ridicule; d. at li, fng, to collect troops, stores; dr at honum sttin, the illness drew closer to him, he grew worse; impers., dr at mtti hans, dr at um matt hans, his strength declined (fell off); til ess er dr at degi, till the day drew near; er dregr at jlum, when Yule drew near; dr at v (the time drew near). at hann vri banvnn; tk at d. fast at heyjum hans, his stock of hay was rapidly

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