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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


djarfr, a. bold, daring (d. orrustum); d. ok dularfullr, impudent and arrogant.
djarf-tki, n. boldness in taking;
-tkr, a. bold in taking.
djkn (-s, -ar), m., djkni, m. deacon.
djsn, n. disdain.
djp, n. (1) deep water, deep place; (2) the deep sea, deep (kastai hann xinni fyrir bor djpi); (3) Pit (d. helvtis).
djp-auigr, a. very, rich;
-hugar, a. sagacious, ingenious;
-hyggja, f. sagacity;
-leikr, m. depth;
-ligr, a. deep, profound (lig r).
djpr, a. (1) deep (d. sr, djp tjrn, djpt vatn); d. httr, a deep hat (coming down over the eyes); (2) heavy, severe (djp laun ok ill); neut., djpt, as adv., deep, deeply; leggjast djpt, to dive deep.
djp-rr, -rugr, a. deep-counselling, cunning;
-ri, n. deep-scheming;
-settr, pp. (1) deep-laid (sett r, or); (2) deep, penetrating.
djps-hfn, f. fishingline.
djp-si, f. deep-seeing, penetration.
djp-sr, a. penetrating;
-igr, a. deep-minded;
-vitr, a. deeply wise,
djfla-blt, n. worshipping of devils;
-flokkr, m. host of devils;
-mt, n. meeting of devils.
djfull (dat. djfli, pl. djflar), m. devil; freq. as a term of abuse (taki r djful enna).
djful-ligr, a. devilish.
djful-r, a. possessed.
djfuls-kraptr, m. diabolical power;
-prestr, m. priest of the devil.
djful-rr, a. = djfulr.
djrfung, f. boldness, daring feat ( djrfung ori engi at gra).
djrfungar-fullr, a. bold, audacious.
doka, f. a kind of bird.
dona (a), a. to become insensible.
dor-kvisa, f. a kind of bird.
dofi, m. torpor, numbness;
dofinn, a. benumbed, dead, of limbs (d. er mr ftr minn);
dofna, (a), v. to lose vitality or force, to become benumbed (eitrormarnir dofna af ntr kuldanum) to become dead, of limbs (dofnai hndin); hugrinn dofnar, the mind gets heavy; impers., dofnar yfir eu, 'the matter begins to die down.'
doki, m. strip, shred (rsta bljur sundr doka).
dokka, f. windlass.
doparr, m., doppa, f. knob, boss (of metal).
dorg, f. trailing-line (eir reru me dorgar snar at smfiski).
dottr, m. a poor, wretched creature (hestr er eir kalla dott).
dlg, n. direful enmity;
, adv. in a hostile manner (lta liga).
dlgr, m. enemy, fiend; dauir dlgar, ghosts.
dlg-rgnir, m. poet. warrior;
-spor, n. gaping wounds;
-vir, m. = rgnir.
dma-dagr, doomsday, = dmsdagr.
dmandi (pl. endr), m. judge, = dmari.
dmara-sti, n. judgement-seat.
dmari, m. judge (dmarans er at sitja).
dm-f, n. fee or payment fixed by sentence;
-festa, f. submiting to subpoena;
-flogi, m. defaulter (from court);
-hringr, m. 'judgement-ring';
-hs, n. courthouse;
-kirkja, f. cathedral;
-leggja (see leggja), v. to lay before a court;
-ligr, a. judicial; ligt atkvi, judgement;
-nefna, f. the nomination of judges.
dmr (-s, -ar), m. (1) opinion, judgement (d. um dauan hvern); (2) judicial decision, decree, judgement, sentence; strr d., a severe judgement; rttltr dmum, impartial as judge; segja upp dm, to pronounce (pass) sentence; (3) court (of judicature), the body of judges; ganga dm, to go into court, take one's seat in court; setja dm, to set the court, to let the judges take their seats; sitja dmi, to sit in judgement or in court; nefna dm, to nominate (appoint) the judges; skja ml dm, to prosecute a lawsuit in court; hleypa upp dmi, to break up the court by force; bera f dm, to bribe the court; ryja dm, to challenge the

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