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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


became deaf; (2) to make blunt (d. egg, sver, vpn); (3) to soothe, allay (d. kvalar, sakar).
deyf, f., deyfi, f. deafness.
deyja (dey; d, dum; dinn), v. to die (deyr f, deyja frndr); hann d af eitri, r srum, he died of poison, from wounds; deyjanda degi, on one's dying day, on one's deathbed; of a limb (d ftleggrinn allr); of inanimate things, dinn arfr, an inheritance left to the heir.
deyna (-da, -t), v. to stink.
deyning, f. stink, stench.
digla (a), v. to drip (diglai nir r kyrtlinum).
digna (a), v. (1) to lose temper (of steel); (2) to lose heart.
(acc. digran), a. (1) big, stout, opp. to 'grannr'; d. sem naut, big as an ox; d. ftr, a big leg; hon gekk d. me tveim, she was big with twins; (2) thick,= jokkr, opp. to 'unnr'; digrt belti, a thick belt; nautssa feit ok d., a fat and thick side of beef; (3) of sound, deep (at hli er digrara); (4) big, haughty; digr or, big words, threats; gera sik digran, to puff oneself up.
digrast (a), v. refl. (1) to grow big, of a pregnant woman; (2) to make oneself big, become haughty (eigi digrast hann ea drambar).
digr-barkliga, adv. haughtily, boastfully (lta, mla, -barkliga).
digr-beinn. a. big-legged.
digr, f. bigness, thickness.
digr-hlsar, a. big-necked, = hlsdigr;
-leikr, m. (1) bigness; (2) of sound, deepness, lowness of pitch;
adv. haughtily (lta -liga);
-ligr, a. big, haughty (-lig or, andsvr);
-nefjar, a. big-nosed, = nefdigr;
-yri, n. pl. big words.
digull (pl. diglar), m. (1) a hanging drop, drip; (2) crucible, melting-pot.
dik, n. run, leap; taka d., to take to running.
dikt, n. a composition in Latin.
dikta (a) v. (1) to compose in Latin (d. ok skrifa brf Ltnu)
(2) to bring about, make; (3) to invent, devise, think out (hann gerir smu lei sem fjandinn fyrir honum diktar).
diktan, f. composition in Latin.
diktr, m. = dikt (rare).
dilk-f, n. ewes together with their lambs (dilkfjreign).
dilkr, m. a sucking-lamb, kid, calf, pig (tt kr leii dilka).
, n. lamb's head.
dilk-r, f. a ewe with a lamb.
dimma (a), v. to make dark, darken; impers., um kveldit, er d. tk , when it begin to grow dark; tekr at d. af ntt, the night comes on; refl., dimmast, to grow dark (er ntt dimmaist).
dimma, f. darkness (d. ntrinnar); dimmu dregr e-t, it begins to look gloomy, threatening,.
dimm-hljr, a.= dimmraddar.
dimmar, a. dim, dark, gloomy; dkkt ok dimmt sk , a dim and dark cloud; e-m verr dimmt fyrir augum, one sees dimly.
dimm-raddar, a. deep-voiced.
dirfa (-a, -t), v. to make bold; esp. d. sik or dirfast, to dare; dirfast til e-s or at e-u, to have courage for a thing; bndr dirfust mjk vi Birkibeina, became bold, impudent; dirfast at gera e-t, to dare to do a thing,
dirf, f. boldness courage.
dirokkr, m. drudge.
diskorda (a), v. to disagree with (vi e-n).
diskr (-s, -ar), m. plate, dish.
disputa (a), disputera (a), v. to dispute.
dar, m. pl. gods or priests.
dki, m. dike, ditch.
dli, m. spot, mark.
ds (pl. dsir), f. (1) sister (heitir ok systir d.); (2) a female guardian angel, goddess; (3) maid.
dsa-blt, n. a sacrifice to the disir;
-salr, m. hall (temple) of the disir.
dvisera (a), v. to distribute.
djarf-leikr, m. boldness, courage;
-liga, adv. (1) boldy; (2) certainly (at vri -liga minn daui);
, a. bold, daring;
-mannligr, a. boldlooking;
-mltr, a. bold of speech.

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