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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hlutr, a share allotted to one; d. dgur, mat mlum, to deal out portions of' food in a household; d. vg me verum, to deal victory fairly among men; (3) to distinguish, discern, = greina; eptir at s sl ok mtti d. ttir, they could then discern the quarters of heaven; d. liti, to discern colours; eigi deilir litr kosti (acc. pl.), colour is no sure test of the quality; (4) to busy or occupy oneself with, deal with (engi mar nnur ml at d. kirkju, nema bija fyrir sr); hann vi Rg rnar deildi, he capped runes (spells) with R.; d. orspeki vi e-n, to contend in learning with one; tt hringbrotar heiptir deili, though men hate one another; d. knf ok kjtstykki, to share knife and meat, (5) d. vi e-n, to quarrel with one (d. vi heimska hali); deili grm vi ik, may the fiends bandy words with thee; d. um e-t, to quarrel, contest about; eir deildu um (they have a lawsuit about) jarir; d. e-n, to contend against one; d. illyrum, illdeildum, to chide, abuse one another; d. afli, ofrki, vi e-n, to deal harshly and overbearingly with one; impers., ef at deilir, if there be dissent on that point; ef deilir me eim, if they disagree; (6) to be master of, possess (d. bauga, f); hug skltu d., thou shalt control thy mind, (feelings); ar er munu deilir, when love is concerned, in a matter of love; (7) refl., deilst, to spread, branch off (sv via sem kristni deilist um heim); mean mr deilist lfit til, as long, as life is granted me; d. at e-u, to disagree about a thing.
deila, f. disagreement, contest; eiga, halda, deilu vi e-n, to quarrel or contend with one.
deild, f. dole, share; fara at deildum, to be parcelled out; f illt r deildum, to get a bad share, be worsted; nkkuri d., partly; ara d., riju d., secondly, thirdly; (2) quarrel, contest, litigation; leggja ml d., to make a matter the subject of a lawsuit.
deildar-arfr, m. inheritance in shares;
-li, n. strong body of men that can be divided into detachments.
deili, n. pl. distinctive features; kunna, vita ll (engi) d. e-u, to know all (nothing) about a thing; s ll d. . honum, all his features were visible.
deilir, m. one who deals out, distributor; bauga d., giver of rings; svera d., warrior, hero (poet.).
deilis-steinn, m. boundary stone.
deilii-efni, n. matter of dispute;
-gjarn, a. quarrelsome, contentious;
-ml, n. quarrel;
-vnligr, a. likely to lead to a quarrel.
dekan (pl. -ar), m. deacon, = djkn.
dekreta (a), v. to decree (rare).
dekreta, f. decree (rare).
deng, f., denging, f. the sharpening, of a scythe by hammering (cf. 'ldenging').
dengir, m. one who hammers or sharpens, a nickname.
dengja (-da, -dr), v. (1) to beat, to hammer; (2) to sharpen (a scythe) by hammering; (3) to egg on.
depill (dat. depli), m. spot, dot.
des (-jar, -jar), f. hay-rick.
detta (dett; datt, dutturn; dottinn), n,. to drop, fall; d. nir daur, to drop down dead; duttu r ofan, they tumbled down; saufnar datt nir unnvrpum dropped down, died suddenly, in heaps) megr; spjt dettr r hendi e-m, the spear drops out of one's hand; dauinn dettr , comes on suddenly; datt noranverit logn, the north wind fell altogether; lta, e-t d. nir, to let a matter drop.
dett-hendr, a. a kind of metre.
detti-yri, n. scoff, sneers.
dettr, m. thump (heyru eir brest ok dett sem nakkvat flli).
, n. = detti-yri.
deya (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to kill, put to death; (2) to make null and void (d. dm); d. lkamliga lstu, girndir holdsins, d. sik, to mortify the lusts of the flesh.
deyr, a. deserving of, liable to, death (drpr ok d.).
deyfa (-a, -r), v. (1) to make deaf (daufr); impers., hann deyfi, he

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