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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


accomplishments; (2) b. .. enda, both .. and also, and indeed.
, m. 'lame-foot', a nickname of one who was 'haltr'.
, f. thwarting.
bginn, a. cross-grained.
bgja (-a, -t), v. (1) to make one give way, to fish, with dat.; b. skipi r lgi, to push the ship from her moorings; b. herasvist, to remove from the district; honum bgi ver ok bar hann til eyja eirra er Syllingar heita, the weather drove him out of his course and he was carried to the Scilly Islands; (2) to hinder (ef eigi bgja nausyniar eirra); (3) refl., bgjast vi e-n, to quarrel or strive with one ( vill hann eigi vi bgjast).
beala (-da, -dr), v. to consume by fire (brenna ok b.).
bra (-i, -t), v. impers., gekk in undir at er meirr bri, when the waves (brur) rose higher.
bri-ligr, a. (1) able to be carried (-ligr herum); (2) fit, seemly.
brr, a. entitled to; b. er hverr at ra snu, every one has a right to dispose of his own property,
bsa (-ta, -tra), v. to drive cattle into the stall (= bsa).
bsingr, m. (one, born in a bss) a child of an outlawed mother.
bjar-biskup, m. town bishop.
-bruni, m. burning of a town or farm-house;
-byg, f. town-district;
-flk, n.= -menn;
-gjald, n. town-rate;
ldr, = -menn;
-lgmar, m. town-justice;
-mar, m. (1) inhabitant of a town; -menn, townsfolk, townsmen; (2) citizen;
-seta, f. dwelling (stay) in town;
-starf, n., -ssla, f. town office.
bki-skgr, m. beech-wood (svn er ganga bkiskgi).
bklingr, m. little book, booklet.
bli, n. (1) den, lair; (2) farm, dwelling.
bn (pl. -ir), f. request, prayer; er s b. allra vr, at, we all beg, that; skaltu veita mr b. (grant me the request), er ek mun bija ik; fella b. at e-m, til e-s, to entreat one; gera e-t at bn e-s, at his entreaty or prayer; vera (liggja) bnum, to be at prayers; bija b. sinni, bnar sinnar til gus, to pray to God; gr boena, ready or willing to grant a request (konungr var gr bna).
bna (-da, -dr), v. to request, entreat, pray (b. e-n).
bna-fullting, n. the support of prayers;
-gr, f. = -hald, n. (saying) prayers (H. gekk hverja ntt til kirkju til -halds).
bnahalds-mar, m. one who prays, religious man (-mar mikill).
bna-hs, n. = bnhs;
-kall, n. calling upon (God) in prayer;
-kraptr, m. power of prayer.
bnar-bref, n. petition;
-or, n. pl. (1) entreaty, prayer; (2) wooing courtship;
-star, m. (1) place of worship; (2) request, entreaty (at er -star minn til allrar alu, at);
-tmi, m. hour of prayers.
bna-star, m. (1) = bna-star I.; (2) = bnarstar 2.; v er mr -star, at, I beg, that; gera e-t fyrir -sta e-s, to do a thing at one's intercession;
-traust, n. confidence in one's prayer or intercession (fela sik undir -traust e-s).
bn-bifast (a), v. refl. to be moved by prayers;
-heyrr, pp. willing to hear one's prayers; (grast -heyrr vi e-n);
-hs, n. house of prayer, chapel;
-rkinn, a. diligent in prayer.
br (gen. bjar, pl. -ir, dat. -jum) m. (1) farmhouse, farmstead; reisa, gra, setja b, efna til bjar, to build a farmstead; (2) farm, landed estate (n ba tveir menn einum b ea fleiri); (3) town; b ok herai = kaupangri ok herai; borgir ok bir, castles and towns.
bta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to better, improve (r r, sem mikit bta landit); b. rd sitt (to better one's condition) ok bija konu; b. aptr, to restore; b. t e-u, to repair; b. upp borg, to repair it; (2) to make up for, compensate; ef r vilit eigi b. (make up for) at er r hafit brotit; b. glp sinn syndir snar, to atone for

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