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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


one's crime, sins; b. e-m e-t, to compensate one for a thing (= b. e-t vi e-n); Styrr v mrg vg, en btti engi (viz. vg, S. slew many men, but paid for none; b. mann f (dat.), to pay weregild for one slain (Hrafnkell btti engan mann f); b. sl sna, to devote one's efforts to the saving of one's soul; b. um e-t, to improve a thing; ekki btist um, matters grow worse; b. yfir e-t, to make good again, redress; (3) to heal, restore to health; gu btti honum af essi stt, God healed him of his disease; with gen. of the disease; b. e-m sinar vanheilsu, to restore one to health; refl., e-m btist, one gets better, is restored to health; with gen. of the disease (bttist Ba augnaverkjarins).
btandi (pl. -endr), m. one who has to pay weregild.
bttr, pp. (cf. 'bta') atoned for; er mr ekki sonr minn at bttari, tt Bolli s drepinn, my son's death is none the more atoned for though B. is slain; ok er eigi at bttra, tt, things are no better though.
bxl, n. shoulder of a dragon, flipper of a whale.
b, (gen. bvar), f. poet. battle.
b-frkinn, a. valiant in battle, warlike.
bvast (a), v. refl. to become quarrelsome (bvaist at vni).
bggull, m. a small bag, bundle, a nickname.
bl (dat. blvi; gen. pl. blva), n. bale, misfortune ( er btin nst, er blit er hst).
bl-bn, f. imprecation.
-fengi, f. malice.
-fenginn, a. evil minded.
bllttr, a. ball-shaped, round like a ball (blltt eggskurn).
(gen. ballar, dat. belli; pl. bellir, acc. bllu), m. (1) ball, globe b. jarar); (2) b. svnfylkingar, the front of a phalanx.
bl-rann, n. house of woe;
-stafir, m. pl. 'evil' runes, misfortune.
blva (a), v. (1) to curse, with dat. (2) to swear.
blvan, f. curse, imprecation.
blva-fullr, a. hapless, cursed.
blva-smir, m. the contriver of mischief, Loki.
bl-viss, a. 'balewise', malignant, mischievious.
brkr (gen., barkar, dat, berki), m. bark ( berki ok bami).
brr, m. a kind of tree; b. skjaldar, warrior (poet.).
brur, f. pl. = barar, barir.

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