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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-segl, n. the sail of a byringr.
byrr (-ar, -ar), f. burden, load.
byr-fall, n. dropping of a breeze.
byrgi, n. enclosure, fence.
byrging, f. (1) closing, shutting up; (2) close, conclusion, end.
, f. concubine;
-mar, m. paramour;
-skapr, m. concubinage.
byrgja (-a, -r), v. (1) to close, shut (b. dyrr ea vindaugu); b. sinn munn, to shut the mouth; b. aptr hsit, to close the house; b. e-n inni, to shut one in ( hsum); fig. to outwit one (b. e-n inni fyrir vitsmuna sakir); b. e-t fyrir e-m, to exclude one from; b. e-n ti, to shut one out; b. e-t ti, to prevent, preclude (b. ti va); (2) b. e-t me skmmu mli, to comprise it within a small compass.
byrja (a), v. (1) to originate (r himninum byrjast ll gzka); (2) to begat esp. in pass., byrjast, to be begotten ( eirri smu ntt sem hann byrjaist); (3) to enter upon, begin b. fer sna, to begin one's journey; (4) b. ml e-s, to plead, (support) ones cause (ek skl b. itt ml sem ek kann); b. rdu, to deliver a speech (= flytja rdu); hefir fram byrjat (stated) erendi itt.
byrja (a), v. impers. with dat. to behove, beseem; sem byrja (as it behoves) hlnum syni; sem eim byrjai at manntali, in due proportion to their number.
byrja (a), v. impers., e-m byrjar vel (illa), one gets fair (foul) wind (byrjai eim vel um haustit).
byrjan-ligr, a. that is to begin.
byrjar-gol, n. gentle breeze.
byrla (a), v. to pour out; byrlar hann hornin he fills out the cups; with dat., to serve (a cup) to one (Snjfri byrlai ker mjaar fullt konungi).
byrlari, m. cup-bearer.
byr-leii, n. favourable wind (f gott -leii);
-lttr, a, gently blowing;
-leysa, f. lack of a fair wind.
byrli, m. = byrlari.
byr-ligr, a. promising a fair wind (v at ekki er -ligt); ekki -ligr draumr, a bad dream;
-ltill, a. faintly blowing with fair wind.
byrr (-jar, -ir), m. fair wind; e-m gefr vel byri (acc. pl.), one gets a fair wind; ba byrjar, liggja til byrjar, to wait, lie by, for a fair wind; b. rennr , a fair breeze begins to blow; b. tekr at vaxa, the wind freshens.
byrsta (-sta, -str), v. (1) to furnish with bristles; (2) to cover as with bristles; borg gulli byrst, with the gable-head mounted with gold; (3) refl., byrstast, to bristle up, to show anger.
byrstr, pp. set with bristles; fig. exasperated.
byrsll, a. lucky in getting fair wind;
-vnligr, -vnn, a. promising a fair wind.
bysja (busti), v. to gush (busti bl brmis eggjar).
bytna (a), v. to come to the bottom.
bytta, f. small tub, pail, bucket.
byttu-austr, m., baling (a ship) with buckets.
byxa (-ta, -t), v., b. sr, to jump (san byxti hann sr sjinn).
, f. violent tossing.
b, n. bee;
-fluga, f. = b;
-flygi, n. = -flugur.
bfur, f. pl. clumsy feet; rtta b., to stretch out the legs.
br (-jar, -ir), m. = br.
bsn, n. and f. wonder, portent (etta eru str b.).
bsna (a), v. (1) to bode, portend (etta bsnar tjn ok sorg); (2) b. skal til batnaar, things must run to an extreme before they get better.
bsna-vera, n. portentious weather;
-vetr, m. a winter off portents.
b-stokkr, m. bee-hive.
bta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to deal out (btti Hrafn silfrinu); (2) to exchange (bttum vi jrum okkar).
bti, n. exchange, barter.
bi (n. dual from 'bir', used as) conj., (1) b. . . ok, both . . and; b. vitr ok framgjarn, both wise and bold; b. at lrdmi ok vitrleik ok atgervi, both in learning, and wisdom, and

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