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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


b-stjrn, f. management of household affairs;
-stra, f. a female housekeeper.
bs-umsvif, n. pl. household cares;
-umssla, f. managment of a 'b'.
b-ssla, f. household business.
bsslu-mar, m. = bmar (-mar mikill).
b-verk, n. dairy work (milking, churning and the like);
-egn, m. husbandman (bndr ok -egnar); illr -egn, a bad (evil) husbandman.
byg, f. (1) colonization (fr slands b.); (2) abode, habitation; setja, hefja b. sna e-s staar, to fix one's abode in a place; fra b. sna, to remove; banna (lofa, leyfi) e-m b., to forbid (allow) one to settle in a place; (3) inhabited land or district, opp. to 'ubygir', deserts.
bygar-fleygr, -fleyttr, a. rumoured through the district;
-lag, n. district, neighbourhood; taka sr -lag e-m sta, to settle in a place.
bygarlags-mar, m. inhabitant of a district.
bygar-land, n. land for settling on; taka sr -land e-s staar, to settle in a place;
-leyfl, n. leave to settle;
-lr, m., -menn, m. pl. inhabitants of a district;
-rmr, m. rumour going about in the neighbourhood;
-stefna, f. district-meeting.
byg-fleygr, -fleyttr, a. = bygarfleyttr.
bygg, n. barley;
-brau, n. barley bread;
-hjlmr, m. barley-rick;
-hlaa, f. barley-barn;
-hleifr, m. barley-loaf;
-hs, n. = -hlaa.
-byggi (pl. -byggjar), m. inhabitant; only in plur. compds. (fram-, aptur-, stafn-, Eyr-byggjar).
byggiligr, a. habitable.
bygging, f. letting out land for rent (b. jarar).
byggja (-a' -r), v., older form byggva; (1) to settle in a place, as colonist; sumar at, er eir Inglfr fru at b. sland, when I went out to settle in Iceland; Inglfr bygi fyrstr landit, was the first settler; absol., Helgi bygi norr Eyjafiri, settled in E.; (2) to people (eptir Nafl lifu tta menn, er bygu heiminn) sland bygist (was peopled) r Norvegi; (3) to inhabit, live in a country ( er landit hafi sex tigi vetra bygt verit); ess get ek, at menn byggi hsit, that the house is inhabited; b. b, to settle on a farm (hann bygi b ann er Eyju heitir); absol., kona, er bygi (lived) einum afdal; hvar byggir , where dwellest thou?; (4) to dwell in, occupy (b. hll, helli); b. eina sng, to share the same bed (of a married couple; also absol., b. me e-rri); bygi hann skipuin, he dwelt (lived) in ships.
byggja (-a, -r), v. (1) to let out (konungr m b. almenning hverjum sem hann vill); n byggir mar drra (lets out at a higher rent) en vandi hefir verit; (2) to lend money at interest (engi skal b. dautt f leigu); Hrtr bygi allt fit, H. put all the money out at interest; (3) b. frndsemi, sifjar, to enter into a marriage with a relation or one allied by by marriage (in such or such degree); at var bannat at b. sv nit at frndsemi, inter-marriage between so near relations was forbidden.
byggjandi, (pl. -jendr), m. an inhabitant (borgin ok byggjendr hennar).
bygg-mjl, n. barley-meal;
-s n. barley-seed.
byggva, v., older form for 'byggja'.
bylgja (gen. pl. bylgna), f. billow.
bylgju-fall, n. heavy sea;
-gangr, m. swells sea.
bylgna-gangr m. = bylgjugangr.
bylja (bylr, buldi, bulit), v. to resound, roar (buldi hmrunum).
byljttr, a. gusty (ver nkkut byljtt).
bylmingr, m. a sort of bread.
bylr (pl. -ir, dat. -jum), m. squall, gust of wind; er blirnir kmu, when the squalls came along.
byr, f. birth, descent (rare).
byra (-ra, -rr), v. to weave in (figures).
byra, f. a large box or bin.
byri, n. board (side) of a ship.
byringr, m. merchant-ship.
byrings-mar, m. a merchant-

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