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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


bú-karl, m. farmer, = búand-karl.
búk-digr, a. thick-set (in body).
bú-ketill, m. large ketlle;
-kostr, m. (1) household provisions, stores; (2) livelihood, trade (er þat búkostr þeirra ok skemtan at sœkja sjóinn)
-kot, n. small farm, cottage.
búkr (-s, -ar), m. (1) body, trunk, esp. the trunk without the head; (2) belly, = kviðr.
búk-reki, m. skin or leather bag (for holding liquids).
bú-lag, n. joint housekeeping;
-land, n. home land;
-lauss, a. having no household;
-leiga, f. rent of cattle.
búlka-brún, f. the estate of the 'búlki';
-stokkar, m. pl. the bulwark fencing the 'búlki' in the middle of the ship.
búlki, m. cargo (stowed in the middle of the ship, cf. fyrir framan or aptan búlka); binda búlka, to bind bulk, cover in the hold; leysa (rjúfa, brjóta) búlka, to break bulk.
bú-maðr, m. (1) husbandman, farmer (-maðr sáði akr sinn); (2) = búsýslumaðr; -maðr mikill, a skilled, stirring, husbandman;
-missa, f. loss in stock.
búnaðr-bálkr, m. the section of the law about household matters;
-maðr, m. = búmaðr;
-munr, m. = búningsmunr.
búnaðr (gen. -ar), m. (1) household, housekeeping; reisa, setja búnað = reisa, gøra bú, to set up a household; fara búnaði sínum = fara búferli, to remove one's household; (2) equipment, dress, = búningr; (3) preparations (for a voyage, freebooting expedition, &c.); (4) = búningr 4.
bú-nautn, f., in the phrase, til -nautnar, for household use.
, m. (1) dress, attire, (2) equipment of a ship (reiði ok b.); (3) the dressing and arrangement of a table; (4) ornaments (kyrtill með búningi).
búnings-bót, f. improvement in dress;
-lauss, a. without ornaments;
-munr, m. deference in apparel.
bú-nyt, f. milk of sheep and cattle;
-prestr, m. a priest having a homestead or farm.
búr, n. (1) women's apartment; (2) pantry (búr þat er konur hafa matreiðu í); (3) storehouse.
bú-rakki, m. farm-dog;
-ráð, n. household management;
-rán, n. a kind of robbery, theft (to the amount of three cows at least or three cows' value).
búr-brot, n. breaking into a pantry;
-dyrr, f. pl. pantry-door;
-hilla, f. pantry-shelf;
-hringr, m. the door ring of a 'búrhurð';
-hundr, m. watch-dog, at a storehouse;
-hurð, f. the door of a 'búr';
-hvalr, m. a sort of whale, cachalot (?).
bú-risna, f. munificent or hospitable house-keeping.
búr-lykill, m. pantry-key.
búrs-hringr, m. = búrhringr;
-hurð, f. = búrhurð.
bús-afleifar, f. pl. remains of stores;
-búhlutir, m. pl. implements of husbandry;
-efni, n. pl. household goods;
-far, n. = búfar;
-forráð, n. pl. management of household affairs, = búráð (taka til -forráða = taka við búráðum);
-gagn, n. = búgagn;
-gørð, f. = búgørð;
-hlutir, m. pl. = búhlutir;
-hœgindi, n. pl. help towards keeping a household.
bú-sifjar, f. pl. relations between neighbours; góðar búsifjar, good neighborhood; var illa í -sifjum þeirra, they were not on good terms as neighbours; veita e-m þúngar -sifjar, to be a troublesome neighbour to one.
bús-kerfl, n. household utensils, = búferski.
bú-skjóla, f. milk-pail;
-skortr, m. failure of stores;
-skylft, a. n., hafa -skylft, to have an expensive household.
búslits-maðr, m. a 'bóndi' without homestead (cf. slíta búi sínu).
bú-smali, m. cattle, esp. milch cows;
-staðr, m. dwelling place, abode; taka sér -stað, to fix one's abode.
bús-tilskipan, f. settling of a household.

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