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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


he will not have such misfortune again.
bar-dvl, f. dwelling in a booth;
-dyrr, f. pl. door of a booth;
-ggn, n. pl. utensils of a booth;
-hamarr, m. a rock upon which a booth is erected;
-ketill, m. booth kettle;
-kvir, m. a sort of verdict given by the inmates of a booth;
-li, n. the inmates of a booth;
-mar, m. inmate of a booth;
-nagli, m. booth-peg;
-rm, n. lodging in a booth bija kveja e-n -rms);
-sund, n. passage, lane between two booths;
-topt, f. the walls of a (deserted) booth;
-veggr, m. the wall of a booth;
-verr, m. = -vrr;
-virki, n. a fortification round a booth;
-vist, f. lodging in a booth (hafa -vist me e-m);
-vrr (gen. -varar), m. (1) cooking, cookery, halda -vr, to take care of the cookery; (2) food, meat; eigi hafa ek na vera mr til -varar, the rams of my flock I have not eaten; ra til -varar, to prepare for a meal.
b-seta, f. living in a cottage.
bsetu-mar, m. cottager, (eir eru bsetumenn en eigi bndr).
bu-nautr, m. fellow-inmate of, companion in, a booth.
b-far, n. household condition;
-f, n. live stock, esp. the milch kine;
-fellir, m. starvation of livestock;
-fnar, m. = -f;
-ferill (pl -ferlar), m. mover of one's household;
-ferli, n. chattels belonging to a household; fara -ferli snu, to remove, change one's household and home; esp. live stock; hafi hann me sr skuldali (dependants, family) ok -ferli (live stock);
-ferski, n. domestic or household utensils.
bfjr-byrg, f. responsibility for buf;
-eyrir, m. value in live stock;
fr, n. food for cattle;
-gangr, m. = -hagar;
-hagar, m. pl. pasturefields on an estate, esp. the homepastures;
-hagr, m. condition of the live stock;
-hald, n. keeping of live stock;
-laust, a. n. without live stock (ba -laust);
-leiga, f. rent of live stock;
-matr, m. food for cattle, stores of fodder;
-vegr, m. cattle track.
b-frsla, f. removing of one's household;
-fng, n. pl. household necessaries;
-gagn, n. household utensil, = bsgagn;
-garr, m. farm (esp. a big one);
-gr, f. making a household in a place;
-hagi, m. pasture;
-hlf, f. a saving of household provisions;
-hlutr, m. an implement of husbandry;
-hfn, f. pasture-field;
-hgg, n. slaughtering of cattle.
bi, m. (1) dweller, inhabitant, esp. in compds. (berg-, hellis-, ein-bi); helvtis bar, inhabitants of hell; himna bar, inhabitants of heaven, angels; (2) neighbour = nbi (Steinlfr b. hans); (3) a law term, neighbour acting as juror; kveja ba, to summon the neighbours.
bi-griungr, m. bull kept at the mountain-dairy, opp. to 'heima-g';
-mar, m. neighbour-man.
binn, pp. (cf. 'ba'), (1) prepared, fit, adapted; ek em gamall ok ltt til b. at (little fit to) hefna sona minna; (2) b. at e-u, endowed with (at flestum irttum vel b.); (3) ready, willing, margir munu bnir at kaupa, ready, willing to buy; engir munu snu sik bnari (more willing) til liveizlu; with gen., b. eirrar ferar, ready to make that journey: (4) b. til e-s, vi e-u, on the point of; hann var b. til falls, he was just about to tumble; var bit vi va miklum, there was an imminent danger; (5) sv bit, as matters stand, thus; eigi m hla sv b., it will not do thus, something else must be done; stendr n sv b. um hr, matters stand thus (unchanged) for a while; eir segja Eyjlfi til sv bins, they tell Eyolf the present state of things; r skulut ganga me vpnum, en berjast eigi sv bit, not fight as yet; at sv bnu, as matters stand (hann kvast ekki fsast til slands at sv bnu); at present, as yet (enna draum segjum vr engum at sv bnu); vi svo bit, thus, things being so (eir skildu vi sv bit).

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