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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


snum stvinum); b. fyrir, to be present (hann tlar, at Selrir muni fyrir b. hverju holti); b. hj konu, to lie with a woman; b. e-u, to be at the bottom of, = b. undir e-u (en essu vinttumerki bjuggu enn fleiri hlutir); b. me e-m or e-rri, to cohabit with; b. me konu, to lie with; b. saman, to live together (as husband and wife, as friends); to have a common household (ef menn ba saman); b. e-t til, to prepare, take the preparatory steps in a case (b, sk, ml, vgsml til, cf. I) b. til veizlu, to prepare for a feast; b. til seydis, to get the fire ready for cooking; b. til vetrsetu, to make preparations for a winter abode; b. um e-n, to make one's bed (var bit um rodd seti ok lgust eir til svefns); rlfr lt setja upp skip sitt ok um b., he had his ship laid up and fenced round; kvu n Gurnu eiga at b. um raua skr Bolla, said that G. would have to dress B.'s (her husband's) bloody head; b. um andvirki, to fence and thatch hayricks; at b. sv um, at aldri mtti vkna, to pack it up so that it could not get wet; b. sv um, at (with subj.), to arrange it so, that; b. eigi um heilt vi e-n, to be plotting something against one; b. um nkkurn skoll, to brood over some mischief (deceit); b. um grun, to be suspicious; b. um hverfan hug, to be fickle-minded; gott er um ruggt at b., to be in a safe position; b. undir e-u, to be subject to, suffer, endure (hart mun ykkja undir at b.); eiga undir slkum ofsa at b., to have to put up with such insolence; to be the (hidden) reason of, to be at the bottom of (at bj ar undir, at hann vildi taka rkit undir sik); r viti grst, hvat yr br undir (what reason you have) at girnast eina tlenda mey; b.e-n veg vi e-n, to behave or act so and so towards one; srt br n vi mik, ra, thou treatest me sorely; b. vi e-t, to enjoy ( br vi eilfa st ok bir eilfra mbuna); to submit to, put up with; ok mun eigi vi at mega b., it will be too hard to bide; b. yfir e-u, to hide, conceal; framhlutr ormsins br yfir eitri, is venomous; ltill bkr br yfir miklu viti, little body holds mickle wit; b. yfir brgum, flr ok vlum, to brood over tricks, falsehood, and deceit; (10) refl., bast, to make oneself ready, get ready, (bjuggust eir at ria austr) b. ferar sinnar, to make oneself ready for a journey; = b. at fara (b. r rndheimi; b. t til slands, b. land upp); bjuggust eir fstbrr herna, they prepared to go on a freebooting trip; b. til bardaga, to make oneself ready for a battle; b. fyrir, to have one's own household (at ing skal skja bndi hverr, er bst fyrir ok bndanafn berr); b. um (= ba um sik), to make one's own bed, to make oneself comfortable, to encamp (var hr vertta, sv at ekki mtti ti um bast); b. vi e-u, to prepare for a thing (b. vi veizlu, bi); b. (vel, kristiliga) vi daua snum, to prepare for one's death; b. vi vetri, to provide for the winter; absol., b. vi, to make preparations (n ra hr vinir nir at r; skaltu sv vi bast, get ready to meet them).
ba-grettur, f. pl. quarrel between neighbours;
-kvir, m. verdict of neighbours;
-kv, f. summoning of neighbours.
bandi (pl. bendr), m. = bndi.
band-karl, m. farmer (-karl ea orpari);
-ligr, a. peasant-like, stout, sturdy;
-mar, m. = bndi.
ba-viring, f. a fixing compensation by verdict of neighbours (bar).
b, f. (1) temporary dwellings booth farmanna bir, merchants' booths; esp. of the temporary dwellings at the Icelandic parliament; tjalda b., to fit up a booth (with tent-roof and hangings); (2) abode, dwelling place; fara bum, to change one's abode; hafa hara, kalda b., to have a hard, cold abode.
b (= bi, bit), used as adv., may be; b. sv s til tlat, may be, it will come so to happen; b. eigi hendi hann slka giptu annat sinn, may be

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