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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


buris, m. borax (for. word).
burr (-ar, -ir), m. poet. son.
burst or bust, f. (1) bristle, bristles; draga b. r nefi e-m, to draw a bristle out of one's nose, to cheat one; (2) gablehead or ridge of a house.
bursta-kollr, m. bristle-scalp, an assumed name.
burstar-hr, n. bristly hair.
bursti, m. bristly hair.
burst-gull, m. hedgehog.
burt, adv. = brott.
burt, f., in the phrase, ria b., to ride a tilt.
burt-bningr, m. preparation to leave a place (vera -bningi).
burt-rei, f. riding a tilt.
burtreiar-mar, m. tilter;
-vpn, n. tilt-weapon.
burt-stng, f. a lance for tilting.
busil-kinna, f. a woman with fat or chubby cheeks.
busl, n. bustle, commotion ( vru goin busli miklu).
buss, m. box, boxwood.
bust, f. (1) bristle = burst; (2) a kind of fish.
busti, m. = bursti.
buza, f. a sort of merchant-ship.
b, n. (1) household, farming; at er b, er mar hefir mlnytan smala, it is 'b', if a man has a milking stock; gra, setja, reisa b, to set up a home for oneself; brega bi, to give up farming; eiga b vi e-n, to share a household with one; fara bi, to remove one's household; vera fyrir bi, to manage a household; ba bi sinu, to have one's own household; ba megar-bi, to have many dependants (unable to work); (2) the stock of a farmstead (sumir lgu ti fjllum me b sn); drepa nir b, hggva b, to kill or destroy one's stock; (3) housekeeping; f til bsins, to procure necessaries for the maintenance of the household; einskis urfti b at bija, there was plenty of everything; (4) farm, estate; fara milli ba sinna, to go from one estate to another; eiga b, to own an estate; (5) home, house (rei Hrtr heim til bs sns); vera at or bi me e-m, to live at one's house.
ba (b; bj, bjoggum or bjuggum; binn), v. (1) to prepare, make ready; b. skip for, to make a ship ready for a voyage; b. fer sna, to make ready for a journey (voyage); b. veizlu, to prepare (make preparations) for a feast; b. ml hendr e-m, to take out a summons against one, be in a lawsuit; (2) to dress, attire, adorn, ornament; bj hn hana sem hn kunni bezt, she dressed her as well as she could; s eir konur vel bnar, well dressed; b. be, rekkju, to make a bed; b. ndvegi, hs, to make a high seat, adorn a house (for a feast); ll umgjrin var bin gulli ok silfri, adorned (mounted) with gold and silver; vpn bit mjk, much ornamented; (3) to fix one's abode in a place, = byggja (egar munu jtnar sgar b.); (4) to deal with, to treat; eir bjuggu bi sem eim lkai, they treated it as they liked, viz. recklessly; Haraldr bj heldr sparliga kornum Sveins, used S.'s stores rather unsparingly; (5) to live, dwell (b. tjldum); eir bjuggu ar um nttina, they stayed there during the night; s mar bj skipi (had his berth) nst Haraldi; (6) to have a household (cattle, sheep, and milk); mean vilt b., as long as thou will keep house; b. or at, with the name of the place added in dat., to live at or in (hann bj Velli; Gunnar bj at Hlarenda); (7) to be, = vera (skip au ll, er vatni ba); b. skapi, brjsti e-m, to be, dwell in one's mind (eigi br r ltit skapi); snandi hjartaliga glei, er brjsti br, that fills the breast; (8) to behave, conduct onself (bjuggu eir ar fremr friliga); (9) with preps., b. af e-u, to lose; lta e-n af baugum b., to let him be deprived of his riches; b. at e-u, to treat, = b. e-u (cf. 4); eir hfu spurt hvern veg rlfr hafi bit at herbergjum eirra, how Th. had treated their premises; b. e-t fyrir, to prepare (eir hlutir, er gu hefir fyrir bit

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