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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


clear case for defence; b. byrr, straight, fair wind.
brnn, f. pl., from 'brn'; -brnn, a. -browed (ltt-brnn, ung-brnn).
bra, (-dda -ddr), v. (1) to melt (b. jkul, snj, s); (2) to tar, pitch (b. skip).
bra (-dda, -ddr), v. to hurry, make haste (n seinkaa ek, en brddir heldr).
bræi, f. anger, passion; mla e-t b., in a passion.
bri-ligr, a. meltable, fusible.
bri-mli, n. pl. angry language.
brkta (a), v. to bleat (b. sem geit).
brra-brn, n. pl. first cousins (agnate);
-dtr, f. pl. nieces (of brothers);
-eign, f. property, of brothers;
-garr, m. monastery = krsbrragarr;
-lag, n. (1) fellowship, as, of brethren, = fstbralag (sverjast -lag); (2) brotherhood, religious fraternity.
brralags-brf, n. letter of (religious fraternity).
brra-mark, n. the constellation Gemini;
-partr, m. = brurdeild;
-samnar, m. assembly, (union) of brothers;
-skli, m. apartment for friars;
-skipti n. division of inheritance among brothers;
-synir, m. pl. brothers, sons, cousins.
brrunga, f. female first cousin.
brrungr, m. male first cousin (agnate) : also = brrunga; hn var b. (she was first cousin.); Asnjar.
brrungs-barn, n. child of a first cousin;
-baugr, m. share of weregild due a first cousin.
brklingar, m. pl. 'breechlings', a nickname of the Irish.
, a. crafty, cunning.
brgu-liga, adv. Cunningly, slyly. (blekkja, svkja e-n -liga);
-liga, a. crafty, sly.
brlta (-lta, -lt), v. to toss or tumble about.
brstu-liga, adv. boastingly; lta -liga, to brag.
buka-grs, n. pl. herbs kept in a box (for use in medicine).
bukr, m. small box (originally a box to keep herbs and balsams in).
bulungr, m. poet. king.
buffeit, n. buffet (sl e-m b.).
buffeita (-tta, -ttr), v. to buffet.
buga (a), v. to bow, bend.
bugr, m. bend, curve; the bight (inside) of a ring ( bug hringinum); of the bent-fingers (b. fingranna); the concave side of the sails (s af landi bug allra seglanna); a curve, disorder, of a line of men or ships (rtta ann bug, er var orinn flotanum); aka e-m bug, aka bug e-m, to make one give way, repel.
bug-statr, m. crooked stick.
bukka-skinn, n. the skin of he-goats;
-vara, f. = -skinn.
bukkr, m. (1) buck, he goat; (2) battering ram.
bukk-skinn, n. the skin of a he-goat (cf. 'bukka-skinn').
bukl, n. the boss of a shield.
buklara-bla, f. = bukl;
-fetill, m. strap of a buckler.
buklari, m. buckler, shield.
bukram, bukran, n. = buckram.
bula (a), v. to cut through, = bola.
bulr, m. = bolr.
bulungr, m. pile of logs, firewood.
bul-x, f. = bol-ox.
bumba, f. drum (berja bumbur).
bundin, n. sheaf (of corn).
bunki, m. heap, pile, = blki (rare).
bura-munr, m, difference of birth.
burar-dagr, m. birthday;
-mar, m. bearer, carrier;
-sveinn, m. errand-boy;
-t, f., -tmi, m. birth-time.
burdeigja (a), v. to capriole, of a horse (for. word).
burr (-ar, -ir), m. (1) carriage, bearing, of the limbs or body (b. lkamans birtir hugskotsins r); (2) birth (fr Krists buri); of domestic animals, lambing, calving (r kr, er bezt bast til burar); (3) fetus, the thing born, offspring (fll gengr tv r me burinum; hinn hsti b. vrr drttinn J. Kr.); (4) pl., burir, birth, extraction; heiinn at burum, heathen by birth; burir ok tt, birth and kinship.
burugr, a. of high birth.
burgeiss, m. burgess.

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