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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


brow; lta sga brnn nef fyrir brr, ofan fyrir augum, setja sa b. hleypa brnum, to knit the brows lypta brnum, hefja upp brn, to lift the eyebrows, become cheerful, brighten up; also impers., hefr e-m upp b., one brightens up; lypti mjk brnum manna, their faces brightened up; e-m bregr b., one is amazed.
brn (pl. brnir), f. a kind of stuff.
brnar, a. dark-coloured, brown.
brna-mikill, a. heavy-browed;
-sr, a. having overhanging brows.
-skurr, m. cutting the hair straight across the brows.
brnar-bein, n. pl. the bone of the eye-brow.
brn-ss, m. ridge-pole, ridge-piece.
brn-hvtr, a. white-browed.
brn-mlttr, a. of mouse-grey colour with a black stripe down the back (of a horse).
brnn, a. (1) brown; (2) of polished metal, bright (beit brn egg).
brnn, m. black horse.
brn-sr, a. = brnasr;
-skarpr, a. light in the head;
-vlr, -vlvi, -lvi, a. frowning.
brsi, m. buck, he-goat.
br-steinn, m. pavement.
brydda (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to prick, goad (2) to rough shoe (aka j bryddum si hlum); (3) to show the point (bryddu upp r okunni kollarnir); (4) impers., af essi gr herra pfans bryddi (arose) sv mikla styrjld, at.
brydding, f. bordering, edging.
bryja, f. a sort of trough.
bryggja, f. (1) gang-board, gangway; skjta bryggjum, to shoot out the gangway; (2) landing-stage, pier, quay (lgu langskip konungs me endilngum bryggjum); (3) rarely, bridge, = br.
bryggju-b , f. storehouse on a pier;
-ker, n. a tub at a pier?;
-lgi, n. landing-stage;
-mangari, m. shop-keeper at a landing pier;
-sporr, m. the head of a pier.
bryna (a), v. = bruna.
bryn-brkr, f. pl. war-breeches;
-glfi, m. war-glove, gauntlet;
-hattr, m., -hetta, f. war-hood;
-hosa, f. war-hose, greave;
-httr, m.= -hattr, -hetta.
brynja, f. coat of mail.
bryrja (a), v. to cover or arm with a coat of mail; brynjar, wearing a coat of mail, mailclad.
brynju-btr, m. 'mail-biter', sword;
-bnd, n. pl. cords to fasten the coat of mail;
-hattr, m., -hetta, f. = brynhattr, brynhetta;
-hlsbjrg, f. the neckpiece of a hauberk;
-hringr, m. a ring of a coat of mail (hringabrynja);
-lauss, a. without a coat of mail unprotected;
-meistari, m. maker of coats of mail;
-rokkr, m. military tunic (worn over the coat of mail).
bryn-klungr, m. a sort of weapon used in defending a besieged castle;
-knfr, m. war-knife;
-kolla, f. a mail-cap (worn under the helmet).
brynna (-ta, -t), v. to water, give water to (b. nautum).
bryn-stakkr, m. mail-jacket;
-stka, f. mail-sleeve;
-trll, n. a sort of halberd;
-ing, n. combat (poet.);
-vari, m. a sort of halberd (= bryn-trll).
bryti (gen. brytja or bryta), m. bailiff, under-steward; konungs b., a steward on royal estates.
brytja (a), v. to chop (b. mat); b. li heiingja, to put to the sword; b. nir, to cut down.
brytjan, f. chopping.
bryt-sklm, f. chopper (kallar hann at sver brytsklm sna).
brna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to whet, sharpen (b. lj, knf, sver); (2) brna upp skipi, to drag a boat or ships half ashore, put it on the 'edge' of the seaboard; (3) to egg on; b. hug e-s, to encourage.
brni, n. (1) whetstone; (2) spaces (ekki hafa eir salt vi mat ok ekki brni).
brning, f. (1) whetting, sharpening, (2) fig. egging on, incitement.
brn-ligr, a. = brnn; er -ligt um e-t, it is promising, likely.
brnn, a. prompt, ready; ef brn ffng lgi fyrir, ready means; brn sk, just, cogent cause; brn vrn, a

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