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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(but the pl.'brkr' is more common); vera brkum, to wear breeches; gyrr brkr, with breeches girt over one's underclothing.
brka-belti, m. breech-belt;
-vaml, n. cloth (wadmal) for breeches.
brk-lauss, a. breechless;
-lindi, m. waist-belt = brkabelti.
bruginn, pp. (see 'brega') accustomed to, versed in (b. vi e-t).
brugning, f. breach, violation, altercation (for the worse).
brugg, n. (1) brewing; (2) machination, scheming.
brugga (a), v. (1) to brew; (2) to concoct, scheme; b. or b. saman svik, to concoct a fraud; b. e-m bana, to scheme his death; (3) to break (b. sttmli vi e-n).
brugginn, pp. brewed (b. mjr).
bruggu-kanna, f. brewing can;
-ketill, m. brewing kettle.
brullaup, n. = brlaup, brkaup.
brum, n. (1) bud; (2) point of time ( etta brum).
brumr, m. = brum ( enna brum).
bruna (a), v. to advance with great speed, to rush (b. fram).
bruna-dmr, m. a sentence (doom) to be burnt;
-flekkr, m. burnt spot;
-hraun, n. burnt lava-field;
-vegr, m. the torid zone;
-efr, m. smell of burning;
-ld, f. the burning age, the (heathen) time when the dead were burnt opp. to 'haugs-ld').
brund-ti f. the time when the ewes are 'blsma'.
bruni, m. burning heat, fire; fig., burning passion (b. fundar, lostagirndar, heilagrar trar).
brunn-lkr, m. brooklet coming from a well;
-migi, m. defiler of wells, fox.
brunnr, m. (1) spring; (2) well.
brunns-munni, m. the mouth or opening of a well.
brunn-vaka, f. an instrument to get at water under ice or snow;
-vatn, n. spring water;
-vigala, f. consecration of a well.
br (-ar, pl. -ar, -r, brr), f. bridge.
bra (a), v. to bridge over (brat var yfir dikit).
brar-fundr, m. the battle of the Bridge;
-gr, f. bridge-making;
-sporr, m. head or end of a bridge.
bra, f. (1) doll, puppet; (2) chairpost; brum stlsins var skorinn rr, Thor was carved on the chairposts.
brar-bekkr, m. the bride's bench;
-efni, n. a bride to be, bride-elect;
-famr, m. a bride's embrace;
-hs, n. bride's chamber;
-ln, n. bride's veil;
-stll, m. bride's chair.
br-bekkr, m. = brarbekkr;
-f, n. bride's fee or gift;
-fer, fr, f. bride's journey;
-gumi, m. bridegroom;
-hs, n. bride's chamber;
-hvla, f. bridal bed;
-kaup, n. wedding feast, bridal (at bja mnnum til -kaups);
-kaupligr, a. pertaining to a wedding feast (-kaupligr vibnar).
brkaups-fer, f. = brfer;
-gr, f. holding a wedding;
-mar, m. wedding guest;
-veizla, f. wedding feast.
br-kona, f. bridesmaid;
-laup, n. wedding, wedding feast; drekka, gera -laup, to hold a wedding: gera -laup til konu, to wed; ra -laup, to fix the wedding day.
brlaups-dagr, m. wedding day;
-fer, f. = brfer;
-kli, n. pl. wedding garment;
-kostr, m. the cost of a wedding;
-stefna, f. wedding meeting;
-veizla, f. wedding feast,
-vitni, n. marriage-witness.
br-mar, m. bridegroom's man, bridesman;
-messa, f. marriage service.
brr (gen. -ar, dat. and acc. -i, pl. -ir), f. (1) bride (konur skipuu pall, ok var brrin dpr); (2) esp. pl. brides-maids = brkonur; sat rhalla milli bra, Thorr was seated among the bridesmaids = milli brkvenna.
br-stll, m. bride's chair or seat, = brarstll.
brk, n. a heap (brkum in heaps); esp. a heap of seaweed (= arabrk).
brn (pl. brnn), f. (1) brow, the projecting edge of a cliff or hill (cf. fjalls-, heiar-, is-brn); (2) eye-

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