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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


of a column or body of men, opp. to 'hali', the rear (b. fylkingar); (6) vera broddi lfsins, to be in the prime of life.
brodd-skot, n. a shot with a shaft (broddr);
-spjt, n. a kind of pike (the blade ending in a four-edged point);
-stafr, m., -stng, f. a (mountaineer's) staff, pole, with an iron spike;
-or, f. a shaft with four-edgepoint, = broddr 2.
brokkari, m. cart-horse, trotter.
brokunar-mar, m. an intermediary, a broker, = brakki.
brosa (-ta, -at), v. to smile; b. at e-u, to smile at; b. vi, to smile in reply (Gurn leit vi honum ok brosti vi).
brosa, f. smile (svara me) brosu).
brosan, f. smiling, smile.
bros-leitr, a. with smiling face;
-ligr, a. ridiculous.
brosma, f. a. fish of the cod-kind.
brot, n. (1) breaking (cf 'skipbrot'); sigla til brots, to run ashore under full sail; (2) fragment, broken piece; (3) fracture (bein-brot); (4) a shallow place in a river or a firth; (5) lever; (6) spasm, convulsion, falla brot, to have an epileptic fit.
brota-silfr, n. old silver broken to be recast.
brot-fall, n. epileptic fit;
-failinn, pp. epileptic, afflicted with epilepsy.
brotfalls-stt, f. epileptic disease.
brot-feldr, a. = -fallinn; -geiri, m. an angular strip of land.
broti, m. heap of trees felled in a wood (fella brota).
brot-ligr, a. guilty of an offence.
brotna (a), to break, be broken; skip brotnar spn, the ship is broken to pieces.
brotning, f. breaking.
brott, adv. away, off, = braut, burt also b., b. (fara b. or b., hlaupast b. or b.).
brott-binn, a. ready to start;
-bningr, m. preparations for departure.
brottfarar-layfl, n. leave to go away;
-l, n. parting banquet.
brott-fer, f. departure
brottferar-l, n. = brottfararl.
brott-flutning, f. carrying off;
-fsliga, adv. with eagerness to depart;
-fss, a. eager to depart;
-fsi, f. eagerness to get away;
-frsla, f. transformation;
-fr, f. = -fer;
-gangs, f. departure;
-hald, n. going away (skip var bit til -halds);
-hlaup, n. running away;
-hvarf, n. disappearance;
-hfn, f. taking off;
-kvma, f. coming away;
-laga, f. retreat (after a sea-battle), opp. to 'atlaga';
-rei, f. riding-away;
-rekstr, m. driving away, expulsion;
-sending, f. sending away;
-sigling, f. sailing away;
-snining, f. cutting, away or off;
-sngr, m. divine service performed elsewhere than at the parish church;
-taka, f., -tekning, f. taking away, removal;
-tkiligr, a. removable.
brottu, adv., b., b., away = braut, brott (er vr vorum brottu; mean jarl vri brottu).
brott-varp, n. throwing away;
-vist, f. absence;
-visan, f. dismissal.
brerni, n. brotherhood.
brir (gen., dat., and acc. brur, pl. brr), m. (1) brother; (2) friar.
brður-arfr, m. a brother's inheritance;
-bani, m. the slayer of a brother;
-baugr, m. weregild due to the brother;
-blo, n. a brother's blood;
-btr, f. pl. weregild for a brother;
-daui, m. a brother's death;
-deild, f.= -hluti;
-dttir, f. a brother's daughter, niece;
-drp, n. the slaying of a brother;
-gildr, a. equal in right to a brother;
-gjld, n. pl. = -btr;
-hefnd, f. revenge for the slaying of a brother;
-hluti, m. the share (as to weregild or inheritance) of a brother;
-kona, f., -kvn, f. a brother's wife;
-leikr, m. brotherhood;
-ligr, a. brotherly, fraternal (brurlig st).
brursonar-baugr, m. weregild for a brother's son.
brur-sonr, m. a brother's son, nephew.
brk (-ar, pl. brkr), f. (1) one leg of a pair of breeches (ok lt hann leika laust knit brkinni); (2) breeches

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