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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vera rlyndr skapi sem fair hans, en hafa b. verra, a harder heart; mun hann optar mr brjsti (in my mind) en r; (4) the front (of wave or a battalion); (5) breastwork, protection (hann er sjlfr b. ok hlfiskjldr kristni sinnar); vera b. fyrir e-m, to be one's defender, to shield one; (6) vinna ei fyrir brjst e-s, on one's behalf.
brjst-afl, n. strength of chest;
-barn, n. a child at the breast, suckling;
-bjrg, f. breast-plate;
-brag, n. compassion;
-bnar, m. breast ornament, brooch
-drekkr, m. suckling, = spendrekkr;
-fastligr, a. faihful;
-fastr, a. fixed in the heart;
-festa (-sta, -str), v., -festa sr e-t, to impress on one's mind;
-frir, m. peace of mind;
-gjr, f. saddle-girth;
gi. f. compassion;
-heill, a. having a sound chest;
-kaldr, a. hostile;
-kirkja, f. the heart;
-kringla, f. brooch;
-leysi, n. febbleness of mind;
-megin, n. strength of mind or heart;
-mikill, a. broad-chested;
-mi, f. shortness of breath, weariness;
-reir, a. enraged;
-reip, n. breast-rope, girdle;
-samliga, a. = -fastligr;
-stofa, f. front room;
-sullr, m. a boil in the lungs;
-svii, m. heart-burn;
-vit, n. mother wit;
-vitra, f.= -vit;
-ili, n. front wall, = bjrili;
-ungt, a. n., e-m er ungt, suffers from difficult breathing.
brjta (brt; braut, brutum; brotinn), v. (1) to break; b. ft sinn, to break one's leg; b. tennr r hfi manns, to break the teeth out of the head; b. mann um stein, to break a man on a stone; b. e-n hjli, to break on the wheel; (2) to break open (b. haug br); (3) to destroy, demolish (b. hof, skurgo, kastala); b. skip, to break one's ship, be ship-wrecked; (4) to break, violate, transgress (b. heit, lg); en r konungr brutu lg Agli, you broke the law in Egil's case; (5) to force, compel (b. e-n til kristni); b. e-n til hlni, to force to submission; (6) in various fig. phrases; b. odd af oflti snu, to break the point of one's pride, to humble oneself; b. straum fyrir e-m, to break the stream before one, to bear the brunt of battle; (7) with preps., b. af brna, to break off the bridge; b. af vi e-n, to wrong one; b. bak, to force or drive back (b. fylking bak); to neglect, disregard (b. bak r e-s) b. nir, to demolish, break down (b. nir hs); b. nir bltskap, villu, to put down, abolish; b. sik nir vi jru, to bow down to the earth b. saman, to fold (b. saman skikkju) to unite (b. saman et forna lgml ok nja); b. sundr, sundr, to break asunder (b, sundr silfrker); to unfold (clothes); b. (land, j) undir sik, to subdue; b. upp, to break up (eir brutu upp ilit); to force or break open (b. upp hur, br, kirkju, brf); to unpack (b . upp gersemar snar); b. upp vistir, to bring out the victuals (for the mess); b. upp vpn, to get out the weapons, prepare for battle; (8) refl brjtast e-t, to break in upon; nundr brauzt hurina, tried to break in the door; b. milli, to break out between; b. fram, to break forth; b. haug, to break into a cairn; b. e-u, to exert oneself in a thing; essi mar brzt miklu ofrefli, struggles against great odds; b. um, to make a hard struggle; (bjrn brauzt um vk); b. vi e-t, to fight or struggle hard against; b. vi ofrefli, to fight against odds; b. við borgargrina, to exert oneself in making the burg; b. vi e-u, to struggle against (b. vi forlgunum, gfu sinni); (9) impers. in a passive sense; skipit (acc.) braut spn, the ship was broken to pieces; braut kirkju (acc.), the church was blown down; strauminn braut xlinni, the current broke against his shoulder.
brjtr, m. one that breaks, destroyer.
brodda (a), v. to prick, goad, incite (broddar af hreinsan).
brodd-hgg, n. a blow from a pike.
broddr, (1) spike; (2) a kind of shaft = broddr; (3) sting (of an nsect); (4) prick, goad; (5) the front

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