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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hafa au eigi breyzt san, they have not changed since; (2) to vary; b. httum, to vary the metre; b. hri sinu, to dress one's hair; rttr ok breyttr, plain and artificial; (3) absol. to conduct oneself , do, act; munum vi bir brott komast, ef vi breytum sv, if we do so; b. eptir e-m, to imitate; b. til e-s, to attempt.
breyti-liga, adv. strangely;
-ligr, a. strange.
breyting, f. change.
breytinn, a. (1) variable; b. bningi, fashionable in dress; (2) courteous, attentive (b. llum atvikum vi konurnar).
breytni, f. change; gera b. um e-t, to make an alteration in a thing; b. klnai, fashion.
brezka, f. the Welsh language.
brezkr, a. Welsh.
brig, f. (1) right to reclaim (chiefly of landed property); fyrnist eigi brigin, then the right of reclamation will not be lost; (2) n. pl. change (engi brig mun ek hr gera); kaupa e-t b. vi annan mann, to purchase a thing already bought by another.
briga (-a, -r), v. (1) to try to recover (lost property) by lawful procedure (b. land, f); (2) with dat. to annul, make void (b. kaupi, dmi, sttmali); b. e-m frelsi, to revoke one's liberty.
brigar-mar, m. reclaimer of lost property.
brigi, n. pl. (1) = brig, f.; (2) brig, n. pl. (gera b. e-u).
brigi-ligr, a. (1) variable; (2) corruptible, perishable (-ligr lkami).
brig-kaup, n. void bargain;
-liga, adv. variably;
-ligr, a. = brigiligr;
-lyndi, n. fickle-mindedness;
-lyndr, a. fickle-minded;
-meali, n. breach of promise.
brigr, a. fickle, faithless.
brig-ri, n. fickleness, cunning.
brigull, a. variable, inconstant.
brigzl, n. = brigzli.
brigzla (a), v. to upbraid (e-m e-u or e-t) one with a thing; at honum s v brigzlat, that it be thrown in his teeth.
brigzla-lauss, a. blameless.
brigzlan, f. reproach, blame.
brigzlanar-hltr, m. reproachful or scornful laughter.
brigzli, n. reproach, blame; fra e-m e-t b., hafa e-m e-t at brigzlum, to upbraid one with a thing, to throw a thing in one's teeth; eilft b., everlasting reproach.
brim, n. surf (sker ok b.).
brim-dr, n. poet. ship;
-gangr, m. dashing of the surf.
brimill, m. a big, sort of seal, male seal; also as a nickname.
brim-lauss, a. surf-less, calm;
-leysa, f. calm (smooth) sea;
-leysi n. = -leysa;
-orri, m. a kind of duck
-rnar, f. pl. poet. 'surf-curbing' (sea quelling?) runes;
-sorfinn. pp. surf-worn; (-sorfit grjt);
-stormr, m. surf-raising gale;
-svin, n. poet. ship, vessel;
-tog, n. a rope to tug a boat through the surf.
bringa, f. (1) chest (hrit tk ofan bringuna); e-m sktr (or sltr) skelk bringu, one gets frightened; (2) brisket (of an animal).
bring-spalir, f. pl. = -spelir (acc. -splu), m. pl. the 'breast rails' lower part of the chest (bar sverit a kvnum fyrir nean bringsplu).
bringu-bein, n. the breast-bone;
-breir, a. broad-chested;
-sr, n. a wound in the chest
-teinar, m. pl. = bringspelir.
brik (-ar, pl. brikr), f. (1) thin board; (2) low wooden screen; (3) short bench, near the door.
, m., -kli, a covering for an altar-screen.
brmi, m. poet. fire.
brmir (gen. -is), m. poet. sword.
brj, (brja, brjt), v. to sparkle flicker, gleam.
brjndi, f. or n. flickering, gleam.
brjsk, n. cartilage (sem brjsk vri ar, sem bein skyldu vera).
brjst, n. (1) the front of the chest, breast (hyl vel b. itt); (2) woman's breast; fa barn brjsti, to feed a child at the breast; (3) fig. the seat of the affections and emotions, mind, heart, feeling, disposition; mun han

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