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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


brei-skeggr, a. broad-bearded, as a nickname;
-vaxinn, pp. Broad-framed stout, square-built;
x, f. axe with a broad blade.
brek, n. claim, demand (eru Brynhildar brek of mikil).
breka (a), v. to keep asking (ltum barn hafa at er brekar).
brek-bo n. fraudulent bidding.
breki, m. poet. breaker.
brekka, f. slope; leia rl brekku (viz. ingbrekku), to proclaim a bondsman free.
brekku-brn, f. the edge of a slope;
-megin, n. (1) strength to climb a hill; (2) the steepest part of a slope;
-munr, m. difference in height.
brek-laust, adv. without fraud;
-r, n. pl. an attempt at fraudulent acquisition;
-sekt, f. fraudulent outlawry (in order to disable one from pleading his case);
-vsi, f. importunity, importunate solicitation.
brenna (brenn; brann, brunnum; brunninn), v. (1) to burn with a flame (logi, ljs, eldr, kerti brennr); (2) to be consumed by fire ( Flugumyri brann f mikit); n brer (= brennr) viara en hann vildi, the fire spreads wider than he wished; b. inni, to perish by fire; b. upp, to be burnt up ( eiri ntt brann upp allt Danavirki); hlutr e-s brennr vi, one gets the worst of it; brann brtt eirra hlutr vi, it soon grew too hot for them; rautt mun fyrir b., mun nkkut fyrir b., things will brighten up or improve.
brenna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to burn (b. bl); (2) to destroy by fire (b. b, hof, skip at kldum kolum); b. e-n inni, to burn one to death in his house; b. e-t upp, to burn up; (3) to cauterize (as a surgical operation); b. e-n vi blvi, to burn one to cure his malady; b. e-m dla, to burn spots on one's back; fig. to brand one's back; b. e-m illan dla, to inflict a severe injury upon one; (4) to produce by burning (b. e-t til lms); b. kol, to burn wood for charcoal; b. salt, to produce salt by burning (seaweed); (5) to purify (silver or gold) by burning; brent silfr, pure silver (eyrir brendr, mrk brend).
brenna, f. the burning of a house or person ( er b. Flugumri Njls brenna).
brenniligr,a. that burns well (eldr b.).
brenni-steinn, m. = brennusteinn.
brennu-mar, m. incendiary;
-ml, n. action for fire;
-saga, f. the story of the buring of Njl;
-star, m. the place where a fire has been;
-steinn, m. brimstone, sulfur.
brennusteins-logi, m. sulfur flame;
-vatn, n.sulfur well;
-efr, m. smell of brimstone, sulfurous smell.
brennu-sumar, n. summer of fires;
-vargr, m. an outlawed incendiary.
bresta (brest; brast, brustum; brostinn), v. (1) to burst, to be rent (steinninn brast); brast sundr jrin (the earth burst) undir hesti hans; (2) to break, snap, with a noise (brast sundr boginn); (3) to crash, of the sound alone; brast strengr, they twanged the bowstring; (4) to burst forth (skria brast); eldr brestr upp, fire breaks out; bl brestr t, blood bursts out; (5) to rise, begin fltti brestr, the ranks break in flight; bardagi brestr, the battle breaks out, begins; (6) impers., e-n brestr e-t, one lacks, falls short of (eigi brestr mik ri); ef oss brestr , bori, if we fall short, get the worst of it; at mun aldri b. (it will never fail), at.
brestr (-s, -ir), m. (1) crash (var ar vi hr b.); (2) chink, crack (b. hafi verit hringnum); berja brestina, to cry off a bargain; (3) want, loss (hvrt bati er b. var).
, m. pl. the Welsh.
Bretland, n. Wales; syra Bretland, Brittany.
bretta (-tta, -ttr), v. to turn upwards (b. hala sinn).
breysk-leikr, m. infirmity, weakness (lkamsins -leikr);
-ligr, a. frail, weak (mannsins -lig nttra).
breyskr, a. (1) brittle (b. leirpottr) (2) weak, infirm.
breyta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to change, alter (b. trnai); refl., breytast;

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