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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


one apart; b. sr sjkum, to feign illness; (2) to deviate from, disregard (vr hfum brugit af rum num); (3) to alter, change; b. lit, litum, to change colour, to turn pale; b. e-m e-s lki, to turn one (by spell) into another shape ( brtt r merar lki); (4) to break up, leave off, give up; b. tjldum, to strike the tents; b. samvist, to leave off living together; b. rahag, to break off an engagement (wedding); b. boi, to countermand a feast; b. sslu, to leave off working; b. svefni, blundi, to awake; b. tali, to break off talking; b. orrustu, kaupi, to break off a battle, bargain; (5) to break (b. trnai, heiti, sttmli); (6) b. e-m e-u, to upbraid, reproach one with a thing (Klfr br mr v dag); (7) with prepp., b. eöm loft, to lift one aloft; b. e-u , to give out, pretend (hann br v, at hann mundi ra vestr til Mifjarar); absol., b. e-t, to begin (suddenly) doing a thing; b. leik, to begin playing or sporting; Kimbi br gaman, took it playfully, laughed at it; eir brugu glmu ok glens, they started wrestling and playing; hestrinn br leik, broke into play, ran away; hnd bregr venju, is ready for its old work; br Ingimundr til tanferar, I. started to go abroad; b. e-u undan, to put it out of the way, to hide it; b. upp hendi, hndum, to hold up the hand; b. e-u vi, to ward off with (b. vi skildi); fig., to put forth as an example, to praise, wonder at (num drengskap skal ek vi b.); absol., b. vi, to start off, set about a thing without delay; br hann vi skjtt ok fr, he started off at once and went; (8) refl., bregast, to fail, come to naught (at mun eigi b.); b. e-m, to deceive, disappoint one (Gunnar kvast aldri skyldu b. Njli n sonum hans); eim brst frumhlaupit, they failed in the onslaught; b. brgum, to play one another tricks; b. orum, brigzlum, to upbraid one another; b. vi, to make a sudden motion with the body (Hrtrbrst skjtt vi undan hgginu); b. vi fast, to turn sharply; b. beina vi e-n, to show hospitality towards; b. reir vi e-t, to get angry at; b. kunnr vi e-t, to be startled at the novelty of a thing; (9) impers., e-u bregr, it ceases, fails; sv hart, at nyt bregi (to drive the ewes) so fast that they fail to give milk; verttu br eigi, there was no change in the weather; of a sudden appearance, kla br hvarmana, the eye-lids began to itch; br ljma af Logafjllum, then from L. there burst flashes of light; ljsi bregr fyrir, a light passes before the eye; with preps., bregr af vexti hans fr rum selum, his shape differs from that of other seals; e-m bregr brn, one is amazed, startled (n bregr mnnum brn mjk); e-m bregr til e-s, one person takes after, resembles another; en v bregr mr til foreldris mns, in that I am like my father; at er mlt, at fjrungi bregi til fstrs, the fostering makes the fourth part of a man; e-m bregr vi e-t = e-m bregr brn; br eim mjk vi, er eir s hann inn ganga, it startled them much when they saw him come in; en br fstru Melkorku mest vi essi tindi, this news most affected M.'s nurse.
breia (-dda, -ddr), v. to spread; b. bor, to lay the cloth on the table; b. fam, to stretch out the arms; b. t, to lay out for drying, as hay; b. t hendr, to stretch out the hands; b. e-t yfir e-n, to cover one with a thing, chiefly of the bed-clothes.
breidd, f. breadth.
brei-dlskr, a. from Broaddale;
Brei-firingr, m. a man from Broadfirth;
, a. belonging to Broadfirth.
breika (a), v. to grow broad, to broaden.
brei-laginn, a. broadish;
-leikr, m. broadness, breadth;
-leitr, a. broad-faced.
breir (neut. breitt), a. broad; breian, in breadth, = breidd; standa breitt, to spread over a wide space; sitja breitt, with the legs wide apart.

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