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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


braukun or brkun, f. ? violent behaviour (b. berserkja).
braut (pl. brautir), f. (1) road (cut through rocks, forests, &c.); ryja b., to cut a road; (2) as adv. away, either with or without the prep. ' ' or '' (fara, ganga, komast b. or b., brauta; vera b. or brautu; kasta e-u b., hverfa b., vera b. or brautu) cf. brott, burt.
braut-, m. compds., see 'brott'.
brauta-mt, n. meeting of roads.
brautar-gengi, n. help, furtherance.
brautingi (-ja), m. a wayfairer, tramp, begger; br eru brautingja erendi, the wanderer's errand is urgent.
br (gen. brr, pl. brr), f. eyelash.
br, f. meat, raw flesh; varmar brir, the corpses of the newly slain.
br, n. pitch.
br, f. haste, only used in adverb. phrases, b., soon, shortly, = brliga; bi b. ok lengar, now and ever.
bra-bugr, m., in the phrase, gra -bug at e-u, to hasten to do a thing, do it without delay;
-fangs, adv. at once, = brfengis.
bra-hola, f. a hole where the wild beasts carry their prey, (br).
bra-hri, f. sudden storm.
bra-lauss, without prey (hauker bralausir).
braan, adv. soon, shortly, = brtt.
bra-stt, f. sudden illness, plague;
-eyr, m. sudden thaw.
br-daui, m. sudden death;
-daur, a., in the phrases vera -daur, to die suddenly;
-endis, adv. of a sudden;
-fara, a. indecl., vera -fara, to travel in haste;
-feginn, a. exceedingly glad;
-feigligr, a. rushing to death;
-fengis, adv. suddenly, at once;
-fengr, a. quick to act, prompt;
-ger, a. hot-tempered, hasty (-ge er bernskan);
-gerr, a. matured early in life, precocious;
-gerviligr, a. of early promise;
-httligr, a. most dangeous;
-kallar, pp., vera -kallar, to die suddenly;
-kjrit, pp. n. hastily chosen;
-komliga = brliga.
, adv. = brliga.
br-lauss, a. not pitched.
br-ltinn, pp. = brdaur;
-ltr, a. eager, impatient;
-liga, adv. hastily, at once; -liga er, as soon as;
-ligr, a. sudden (-ligr daui);
-litit, pp. n., gera -litit e-t, to look hastily at a thing;
-lyndi, a. hot tempered, hasty.
-lyndr, a. hot-tempered, hasty;
-lti, n. impatience;
-mlt, pp. n. hastily spoken.
brna (a), v. to melt, of snow, &c.
br-orr a. hasty of speech.
brr (neut. brtt), a. (1) sudden (b. bani); (2) hasty, hot-tempered; hefir verit hlzti b. (too eager, too rash) essu mli.
br-rinn, pp. hastily or rashly decided;
-reir, a. very wrathfull;
-ri, n. rashness;
-sjkr a. taken suddenly ill;
-skapar, a. of hasty disposition (= skapbrr);
-skeyti, n. hastiness, rashness;
-skeytiligr, a. rash;
-skeyttr, a. heedless, rash
-snn, a. seen at a glance.
brum, adv. soon, shortly.
brung, f. haste; brungar arf vi, one must make haste; af brungu, in a hurry.
br-roskar, pp. early matured or grown-up.
br-hvitr, a. with white, eyelashes.
brss, m. cook ? (tku eir brs Bla ok brugu til knfi).
brtt, adv. soon; b. er, as soon as.
brea-fnn, f. a great heap or drifted mass of snow.
brf, n. letter, witten deed.
brfa (a), v. to give an account, to write (b. af e-u).
brfa-bk, f. register-book;
-brot, n. breach of ordinances;
-gr, f. letter-writing;
-mar, m. letter carrier, public courier;
-sveinn, m. letter-boy.
brf-laust, adv. without a written document.
brega (breg; br, brugum; bruginn), v. with dat. (1) to cause to move (quickly) b. sveri, knfi, to draw a sword, knife; b. fingri, hendi e-t, to put (thrust) the finger, hand, into; hn br hrinu undir belti sr, she put (fastened) her hair under her belt; b. kali um e-t, to pass a rope round a thing; b. augum sundr, to open the eyes; b. e-m eintal, to take

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