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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


once; af (or ) skmmu bragi, shortly, quickly, in a short time; (2) fig., in many phrases, vera fyrri (skjtari) at bragi, to make the first move, to be beforehand with (eir hafa orit fyrri at bragi at stefna en vr); vera bragi me e-m, skerast b. me e-m, to lend one a helping hand; taka e-t brags or til brags, to take some step (to get out of difficulties); viturligt b., a foolish step; heyriligt b., an unheard of proceeding; gerist ar at sv mikit b., at, it went so far that; ltit b. mun at (it must be very slight), ef finnr ekki; (3) trick, scheme, device, chiefly in pl.; beita e-n brum, hafa brg vi e-n, to deal cunningly with, impose upon; ferr at fornum brgum, in the old way; ba yfir brgum, to brood over wiles; leika e-m b., to play or serve one a trick hefir hann miklu bragi oss komit, he has played a bad trick upon us (4) countenance, look, expression annig ertu bragi sem, thou lookest as if; me betra bragi, in a better mood; bleyimannligr bragi, having the look of a coward; Sturla geri at b. (made as if), at hann hefi fundit Pl prest; (5) embroidered figure (hekla saumu ll brgum).
braga (a), v. (1) to move, stir (at bragar alit, sem kvikt er); (2) to flicker, flash (of light).
, m. poisoned drink.
braga-karl, m. sly fellow.
brag-alr, m. 'twirling awl' a kind of fire-drill;
bragals-eldr, m. fire produced by a bragalr.
brag-illr, a. ill-looking;
-ligr, a. expedient, suitable;
-mikill, a. expressive-looking;
-samar, a. crafty;
-vsi, f. craft, subtlety;
-vsliga adv. cunningly;
-vsligr, a. cunning.
bragnar, m. pl. poet. heroes, men.
bragr, m. (1) poetry, = skldskapr (2) the best, foremost (sa bragr = Thor; bragrkvenna); most eloquent.
brak, n. creaking noise, crack.
braka (a), v. to creak, crack (brakai mjk skipinu).
brakan, f. creaking, cracking.
brakki, m., brakun, m. intermediary, broker.
branda-dyrr, f. pl. main entrance, front door, so called because of the 'brandar' (ships' beaks) fixed as ornaments over or beside it.
brand-gs, f. common sheldrake.
brand-krossi, m. the name given to a brandkrossttr uxi.
brand-krossttr, a. brindled brown ,with a white cross on the forehead.
brandr (-s, -ar), m. (1) brand, firebrand (brandr af brandi brennr); (2) ship's beak ( = svri); fellr brattr breki brndum hri, the waves break high above the 'brandar'; (3) ships' beaks put up as ornaments over or at each side of the chief entrance of dwellings (brandana af knerrinum lt hann setja yfir tidyrr snar); (4) the blade of a sword (brast sverit undir hjaltinu ok fr brandrinn grenjandi nir na).
brand-rei , f. gridiron, brander; (steikja -rei).
brand-x, f. a sort of axe.
branga, f. (Hamisml 20) ?
(a), v. to bluster, swagger (eir brasta illmikit).
bratt-gengni, f. skill in climbing;
-gengr, a. skilful in climbing;
-leitr, a. with prominent forehead;
-lendi, n. steep ground.
brattr, a. (1) steep; brtt brekka, a steep slope; brattar brur, high waves; bera bratt halann, to carry the tail high; reynt hefi ek fyrr brattara, I have been in a worse plight; (2) sudden, = brr (brtt fyrirtlan).
bratt-steinn, m. stone column.
brau, n. bread; hleifr braus, a loaf of bread.
brau-bakstr, m. bread-baking;
-diskr, m. bread-plate;
-gr, f. bread-making;
-hleifr , m. a loaf of bread;
-jrn, n. girdle, griddle (for baking bread);
-kass, m. breadbasket;
-laupr, m. -meiss, m. bread-box;
-moli, m. crumb of bread;
-ofn, m. bread-oven;
-skfa, f. slice of bread;
-sufl, n. whatever is eaten with bread.

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