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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


one; vera (allr) fyrir bor borinn, vera allr fyrir bori, to be (quite) thrown overboard, i.e. slighted; ganga at bori vi e-n, to submit, yield to, to come to tems with one; e-n brestr bori, one fails, is beaten; annat bor, on the other hand; otherwise, else; ykkir vera harr annat b., a hard one to pull against; (3) the inner margin of a vessel between the rim and the liquid (er n gott berandi b. horninu); (4) board, table (used for meals); fara ganga, koma til bors or undir b., to go, come to table; setjast yfir b., undir b., to sit down at table; sitja yfir b. or borum, to sit at table; rsa (standa tipp) fr bori, to rise from table; ryja b., to clear the table; jna fyrir borum, to wait at table; setja e-m b., to set a table before one; bor eru uppi or upp tekin, the tables are set up; but ' bor eru upp tekin' may also mean the tables are removed,= bor eru ofan; (4) board, food, maintenance at table (veita, halda e-m b.); (5) chessboard; bja e-m undir b., to invite one to play at chess.
bora (-a), v. (1) to sit down at table; (2) to set a table, serve up (b. fyrir urftugum).
bora-hri, f. the time that a meal lasts;
-munr, m. difference in the height of ships;
-stund, f. = hr;
-vti, n. table-sconce.
bor-bnar, m. table-service (cloth, dishes, &c.);
-diskr, m. dish, plate;
-dkr, m. table-cloth        
-fastr, a. maintained at one's table;
-fjl, f. thin board;
-fri, n. in the phrase, taka sr -fri = ganga rna sinna (1);
-hald, n. taking, food, maintenance at table;
-hr, a. rising high out of the sea (of a ship);
-hs, n. a room where the plate is kept;
-h, f. the height of a ship out of the water.
bori, m. textile fabric, tapestry (tjalda hll, kirkju, bora) sl bora, rekja bora, to weave; sitja vi bora, to sit weaving; byra e-t bora, to ornament tapestry with figures woven in it.
bor-ker, n. a cup used at table;
-kista, f. a box for keeping the tableservice;
-klerkr, m. clerical attendant at table;
-knfr, m. table-knife;
-lgr, a., (vir, timber) fit for cutting into planks;
-mar, m. table-companion;
-mikill, a. = hr;
-munr, m. = boramunr;
-prestr, m. a priest who says grace at a bishop's table;
-pri, f. ornaments of a table;
-slmr, m. 'board-psalm', grace;
-skutill, m. a small movable table, esp. for a single person.
bors-tilganga, f. going to table (at mealtimes).
bor-stokkr, m. gunwale.
bor-sveinn, m. attendant at table, waiter;
-tafl, n. chess-board;
-veggr, m. a plank wall;
-vegr, m. = -stokkr;
-vers, n. verse of grace (cf. bor-slmr);
-vir, m. boards, planks;
-ak, n. covering of planks;
-akir, pp. covered, lined with planks;
-ili, n. the bulwarks of a ship.
borg (-ar, -ir), f (1) a small dome-shaped hill; (2) stronghold, fortification, castle; (3) fortified town, city.
borga (a), v. to be a surety, guarantee, for; b. e-m e-t, to guarantee something to one; b. fyrir e-n, to become bound for, to be security for (anza ek ltt, ti jtir at lka, ef engi borgar fyrir ik).
borgan, f. guarantee, surety, security; ganga b. fyrir e-n = borga fyrir e-n.
borganar-mar, m. a guarantee, a surety.
borgar-armr, m. arm, wing of a fort;
-aun, f. destruction of a castle or fortified town;
-gata, f. a road leaving to a borg;
-greifi, m. burg-grave, governor of a town;
-gr, f. building of a fort;
-hli, n. gate of a fort,
-hreysi, n. ruins of a fort
-hfingi, m. leading citizen.
borgari, m. inhabitant of a borg, burgher.
borgar-klettr, m. a rock on which a fort is built;
-kona, f. townswoman;
-li, n. garrison;
-lm, n. lime for building a fort;
-lr, m. townsfolk;

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