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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


boari, m. proclaimer, announcer.
boa-sl, f. the surf of breakers (cf. 'boi' 2).
bo-burr, m. carrying, of the message arrow (cf. 'bo' 4).
-fall, n. neglect to send on the bo (4);
-fasta, f. a fast ordered by the canonical law;
-fer, f. the course of a bo (4);
-greizla, f = boburr.
boi, m. (1) announcer, messenger (cf. 'sendiboi, fyrirboi'); (2) a breaker (on hidden rocks).
boinn, pp. (cf. ' bja'), vera b. ok, binn til e-s, to be ready and willing to do a thing.
bo-leggja (see leggja), v. = lg-bja;
-lei, f.= -fer;
-ligr, a. fit to be offered;
-or, n. order, bidding, commandment (gus -or).
boora-breytni, f. alteration of an ordinance;
-brot, n. breach (neglect) of an order;
-mar, m. public officer.
bo-reizla, f. = bogreizla;
-rfr, a. ready to make an offer.
bos-flk, n. guests, = bosmenn.
bo-skapr (-ar), m. bidding, order;
-skopti, m.= -slotti;
-skurr, m. message, summons to a meeting;
-sletta, f., -slotti, m. intruder at a feast, uninvited guest;
sl, f.= bolei.
bos-mar, m. guest at a feast.
bo-smiligr, a. fit for wearing at a feast (-smilig kli).
boga-hls, m. the tip of a bow (bogi), where the string, is fastened;
-mynd, f. form of a bow;
-skot, n. bow-shot, shooting with a bow
-strengr, m. bow-string;
-vpn, n. bow (used as a weapon).
bogi, m. (1) bow; skjta af boga, to shoot with a bow (cf. lmbogi, handbogi, hornbogi, lsbogi, bogi); (2) arch (of a bridge), vault; fig., bera ml r boga, to disentangle a case (3) gush, jet (cf. 'blbogi').
boginn, pp. (from a lost strong verb, bjga), bowed, bent, curved; b. af elli, bent with age.
bog-limir, m. pl. 'curved limbs', arms and legs;
mar, m. bowman, archer;
-mannliga, adv. bowman-like.
bogmanns-merki, n. the zodiacal sign Sagittarius.
bogna (a), v. (1) to become curved, to bend; (2) to give way, yield (b. vi, b. fyrir e-u).
bogra (a), v. to creep along bowed or stooping; boru bogar hann inn, he creeps in through that hole b. fyrir e-m, to bow before one.
bog-styrkr, a. strong at the bow;
-sveigir, m. bow-swayer, archer (cf. sveigja boga')
bokki, m. 'buck', fellow; Httr heiti ek, b. sll, my dear fellow!; strri bokkar, bigger men.
bokkr, m. = bukkr.
bola (a), v. to cut to pieces (b. sundr, brytja ok bola).
bol-fimligr, a. agile of body.
Bolgara-land, n. Bulgaria.
Bolgarar, m. pl. the Bulgarians.
bol-hlf, f. covering for the body.
boli, m. bull, = graungr.
bol-jrn, n. = bolx.
bol-kli, n. pl. body garments.
bolli, m. (1) small vessel, bowl; (2) a measure = 1/4 askr.
bolr, m. = bulr; (1) the bole or trunk of a tree; (2) the trunk of the body; ganga milli bols ok hfus e-m, to pass between one's trunk and head, to slay one.
bols-vxtr, m. = bolvxtr.
bolungr, m. = bulungr.
bol-vxtr, m. the growth, form of the body (far af klum ok vil ek sj -vxt inn).
bol-x, f. wood-axe.
bops, n. bump, thump (mikit fall,. sv at b. kva skrokkinum).
bora, f. bore, hole;
bora (a), v. to bore, to bore holes in; b. rauf, to bore a hole; refl., borast fram, to push one's way through a crowd.
bor, n. (1) board, plank; (2) the side of a ship (hlu skipin sem b. bru); bor stjrn = stjrnbori; hlaupa steypast, detta) fyrir b., overboard; mikill bori, prop. = borhr, bormikill, of a ship floating high out of the sea, fig., proud of mind (= skapstrr); bera e-n (hlut e-s, ml e-s) fyrir bor, to neglect, slight

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