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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


place of sacrifice
-mar, m. heathen 'worshipper, idolater;
-matr, m. food eaten at the sacrificial feasts.
bltnar, m. sacrificing to heathen Gods, idolatry.
blt-naut, n. (1) an ox worshipped as in idol; (2) a bull to be sacrificed;
-neyti, n. (rare) = -naut;
-risi, m. a giant worshipped as an idol.
blotskapar-timi, m. the time of heathenism.
blt-skapr (-ar), m. (1) heathen worship, idolatry; (2) things belonginging to worship; (3) sacrifice;
-skgr, m. sacred or sacrificial forest;
-spnn, m. chip used in divination fella -spn, to consult the gods;
-star, m. a place of heathen sacrifice;
-stallr, m. heathen or sacrificial altar;
-tr, n. sacred tree;
-stpull, m. a pillar on which an idol stands;
-trygill, m. small sacrificial trough (trog);
-veizla, f. sacrificial banquet;
-vir, m. = -lundr;
-villa, f. heathenish or idolatrous heresy;
-vllr, m. heathen sacrificial field.
blunda (a), v. to shut the eyes (b. bum augum).
blundr, m. dozing, slumber (occurs as a nickname).
blund-shaka (a), v. to blink with the eyes;
-stafir, m. pl. soporiferous runes; brega -stfum, to break the slumber-spells.
blyg, f. shame;
blyga (a), v. to put to shame, seduce.
blygar-lauss, a. blameless.
blys, n. torch.
bl, n. lead (skkva sem b.);
-band, n. leaden band;
-kleppr, m. plummet;
-ligr, a. leaden;
-skeyti, n. leaden missile;
-steyptr, pp. cast in lead;
-stika, f. leaden candlestick;
-stokkr, m. leaden box;
-ekja (see ekja), v. to roof with lead;
-ungi, m. leaden weight.
blja, f. (1). fine coloured cloth (hon hafi kntt um sik blju ok vru mrk bl); (2) cover of a bed; koma undir eina blju, to be married; (3) burial sheet (svipti hon blju af Siguri) (4) cover of an altar table.
blju-endi, m. the end of a 'blja';
-horn, n. corner of a b.;
-hvalr, m. a kind of whale.
blr, m. gentle breeze, puff of air; kenna bl (to feel a draught) andliti sr.
bloea (-dda, -tt), v. to bleed; blddu nasar hans, he was bleeding, at the nose; impers., e-m blir, one bleeds or loses blood (engum bldi hans manna).
blsma, a. indecl. at heat (of ewes and goats).
blti, n. a thing worshiped, idol.
blru-stt, f. stone in the bladder.
blskra (a), v. to blink with the eyes, to flinch (hann blskrai ekki) also, impers., e-m blskrar.
bo, n. (1) bid, offer; bja b. fyrir e-n, to make bids or offers for one; hvat er boi, what is the offer; eiga b. jr, to have the right of being offered an estate, before it is sold to another; (2) banquet, wedding feast; hafa e-n boi sinu, to entertain one at one's feast; fru eir allir til bosins, to the wedding feast; (3) bidding, order, commandment; ganga undir b. e-s, to submit to one's bidding; eptir boi e-s, at or by one's order; (4) message; gera e-m b., to send to one, send one word; a summons, a sign or token of summons, being an arrow, axe or the like to call people to battle or council (hefja bo).
boa (a), v. (1) to announce, proclaim; b. kristni, to preach Christianity; b. helga tr, to proclaim the holy faith; (2) to bid, order, with dat., konungr boai honum sinn fund or til sn, the king bade him come to him; b. e-m saman, to call together, to summon; (3) to bode, signify (hvat etta mundi b.).
boa-fall, n. dash of a breaker (boi) on a reef or shoal.
boan, f. announcement, preaching, proclaiming (boan nafns hans); ht drttinligrar boanar, the feast of the Annunciation.
boanar-ntt, f., -ntt sllar gus mur Marie, the night before the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary;
-t, f. time of announcement.

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