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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-mar, m. (1) garrisoner; (2) townsman, citizen; (3) fellow-citizen (-mar engla);
-mgr, m. the mob of a city.
-mrr, m. city-wall;
-port, n. = -hli;
-sir, m. city-manners, urbanity;
-sm, f. building of a fort or town;
-star m. site of a town;
-veggr, m. wall of a fort or town.
borga-skipan, f. a list of cities.
borg-firzkr, a. belonging to the district Borgar-fjrr, in the west of Iceland.
borg-hli, f. = borgarhli.
borgin-orr, a. cautious in words, reserved.
borgit, pp. n., from bjarga; e-m er b., one is safe; era hera at borgnara tt hna beri skjld, a hare is none the better off than a hen shield him.
borg-star, m. = borgarstar.
borg-veggr, m. = borgarveggr.
botn (gen. botns or botz, pl. botnar), m. (1) bottom (of a vessel, of a haycock, of the sea); (2) the head of a bay, firth, lake, valley (fjarar-, vatns-, dals-botn).
botn-hola, f. pit, in the phrase, vera kominn i -holu, to have got into a scrape.
bandi, m., see 'bandi'.
bfi, m. knave, rogue, used as a nickname.
bgr (gen. bgar, dat. bgi; pl. bgir, acc. bgu), m. shoulder (of an animal).
bk (gen. bkar and bkr; pl. bkr), f. (1) beech, beech-tree; (2) poet. Textile fabric with figures woven in it (bkr, nar enar blhvitu); (3) book; lesa b., to read a book; rita b., setja bkr, to set down in writing, to put on record; kunna (festa) e-t tan bkar, to know (to get) by heart; heilg b. the divine book, the bible; (4) the gospel (vinna ei at bk; cf. 'bkar-eir'); (5) Latin; kenna e-m bk, to teach one Latin; nema b.; to learn Latin; setja e-n til bkar, to put one to school (in order to make him a priest); hann heitir b. (in Latin) Jaskonius; sv segir (er sagt) bkum (in Latin books); (6) lawbook, code of law, (lgbk, Jnsbk).
bka (a), v. to affirm by oath on the book (Gospel); bkar eir = bkareir.
bka-fullting, n. help derived from books;
-gr, writing (transcription) of books;
-kista, f. book-box;
-ln, n. lending of books;
-lesning, f., -lestr, m. reading of (Latin) books;
-list, f. book-lore.
bkar-bla, n. leaf of a book;
-eir, m. oath upon the gospel;
-eistafr, m. wording of a bkareir;
-gr, f. book-writing;
-lag, n. lawful price fixed in the code;
-skeyting, f. conveyance of an estate by help of the law-book;
-tak, n. the touching of the gospel (in taking an oath);
-ver, n. the price of a book;
-vitni, n. evidence confirmed by a bkareir (= bkat vitni).
bka-skilningr, m. book-learning.
bka-stll, m. a reading, desk, lectern.
bk-fell, n. parchment, vellum
-frr, a. book-learned;
-fri, f. book-knowledge, book-lore, learning;
-lauss, a. bookless, unscholarly;
-laust, adv. by heart (allar ritningar helga man hann -laust);
-lestr, m. = bkalestr;
-ligr, a. literary; -ligar listir, the liberal arts;
-list, f. book-!ore, learng;
-lrr, pp. Book-learned.
-ml, n. (1) book language, learned language, Latin ( bk nam ek aldri ok eigi heyra ek fr -mli sagt); (2) the canon law; blt au, sem fyrirboin eru at -mli, in the canon of the church (3) the Julian calendar; at -mli, according to the calendar;
-mnar, m. calendar month opp. to the Icel. months;
-nm, n. book-training, study (vera at -nmi, setja e-n til -nms);
-nmi, n.= -nm;
-rnar, f. pl. runes engraved on beech-wood;
-saga., f. written narrative;
-setja (see setji), v. to commit to writing;
-skygn, a. seeing well enough to read a book;
-speki, f. book-wisdom, book-knowledge;
-stafr, m. character,

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