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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


blow up, inflate (sem belgr blįsinn); (7) impers., blés upp fótinn, kvišinn, the leg, belly, swelled up; of land, to be laid bare, stripped of the turf (hafši blįsit hauginn ok lį silfrit bert).
blįsari, m. blower of a trumpet or horn.
blį-silfr. n. bad silver, opp. to 'skķrt silfr'.
blįsinn, pp. (1) inflated (belgr b.) (2) swollen (sżndist fótrinn b.) (3) stripped of turf, bare, barren (mel-torfa blįsin mjök).
blį-stafašr, a. blue-striped (segl blįstafat).
blįstr (gen. blįstrar and blįstar, dat. blęstri and blęsti), m. (1) blast, blowing of the wind; (2) blowing of an animal, hissing of a serpent (heyrši blįst drekanna); (3) breathing, breath (mįlit gųrist af blęstrinum); (4) blast of a trumpet; (5) blowing of a bellows; (6) swelling of the body or a limb, mortification.
blįstr-belgr, m. bellows;
-horn. n. trumpet, horn;
-jįrn, n. blast iron (cast, not wrought);
-pipa, f. flute;
-samr, a. windy;
-svalr, a. cold-blowing.
blį-svartr, a. raven-black;
-tönn, blue-black tooth, a nickname.
blešgi or blegši, m. wedge, plug.
blešja (bleš, bladda, bladdr), v. (1) to pick off (leaves or fruit); fig. to kill off one by one (b. hiršina or b. hiršina af) (2) to tear asunder (b. klęši sķn) (3) to cover, as with a leaf (b. įsjónuna).
bleik-įlóttr, a. fawn-coloured with a dark stripe down the back (-įlóttr hestr);
-hįrr, a. fair-haired;
-hvķtr, a. yellowish white.
bleikja (-ta, -tr), v. to bleach (b. lérept); b. hadda sķna, to wash the hair (said of women).
, f. chalk or white clay.
bleikr, a. pale, whitish; bleikt hįr, fair hair; b. į hįr, fair-haired; (wan, pallid) ok blóšlauss; b. sem nįr, deadly pale; b. sem bast, pale as bast.
blek, n. ink;
-horn, n. inkstand.
blekki-liga, adv. delusively;
-ligr, a. delusive (blekkilig er žessa heims hamingja).
blekking, f. derision, fraud.
blekkinga-mašr, m. deceiver.
blekkingar-andi, m. lying spirit.
blekkja (-ta, -tr). v. to impose upon, deceive; refl., blekkjast, to be disappointed.
blek-skortr, m. lack of ink.
blendingr, m. (1) blending, mixture; (2) a being half man and half giant (b. en ekki fullkomit troll).
blesóttr, a. having a blaze or white mark, on the forehead (b. hestr).
blest-męltr, blestr, a. lisping.
bletsa (), v. = bleza.
bleyša. f. craven, = bleyšimašr.
bleyša (-dda, -ddr), v. to dishearten, humble (ef žś bleyšir hjarta žitt); refl., bleyšast, to lose heart or courage (= verša blaušr).
bleyši, f. cowardice;
-mašr, m. coward;
-mannligr, a. cowardly, craven;
-mark, n. mark of cowardice;
-orš, n. charge of cowardice; leggja -orš at baki e-m, to charge one with being a coward (blaušr); bera bleyšiorš fyrir e-m, to be called a coward by one.
bleyta, f. mud, mire.
bleyta (-tta, -ttr), v. to make soft, moisten (b. hśš); b. hjarta, skaphöfn e-s, to soften one's heart, temper.
bleza (), v. to bless (blezaši guš žį hinn sjaunda daginn); also with dat. (guš blezaši bęši fuglum ok fiskum).
blezašar-fullr, a. rich in blessing.
blezan, f. bressing, benediction.
blezanar-andi, m. spirit of blessing;
-orš, n. pl. words of blessing.
bliat or bliaz, n. a kind of costly stuff (for. word).
blik, n. (1) gleam, sheen; (2) bleaching (liggja į bliki); (3) vizor of a helmet.
blika (), v. to gleam, twinkle (of shields).
blik-hvķtr, a. white-gleaming (of a shield).
blikna (), v. to grow (turn) pale or pallid (b. af hręzlu, hugleysi).
bliknan f. growing pale.

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