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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


blikra (a), v. impers., e-m blikrar, one feels uneasy or anxious.
blinda (a), v. to blind, derive of sight (drttinn blindai augu eirra); hann blindar sjlfan sik allra sanninda, he blinds himself to all truth.
blindi, f. blindness.
blindingr, m. hidden peg, dowel.
blind-leiki, -leikr, m. blindness.
blindr, a. blind; b. bum augum, blind of both eyes; hann hfi verit b. borinn, born blind; with gen., b. ens sauna um e-t, blind as to the truth or reality about a thing; e-m er e-t blint, it is obscure, hidden to one; Einarr lt sr at blint vera, E. professed ignorance about it.
blia, f. friendliness, gentleness hfst enn at nju b. (friendly relations) me eim mgum.
blia (-dda, -ddr), v. = blka.
blast (a), v. refl. = blkast.
blindi, n. pl. comforts, delights.
bliing, f. enticement, allurement.
blika (a), v. to soften, mitigate (b. e-n me gjfum); refl., blkast, to grow mild; b. e-m, to insinuate oneself into one's favour.
blkan, f. caressing, caresses.
bl-ltr, a. displaying friendliness or kindness;
-leikr, m. (1) friendliness, gentleness; (2) mildness, balminess (-leikr loptsins);
-leitr, a. of mild countenance;
-liga, adv. kindly, with kindness (taka, fagna e-m -liga);
-ligr, a. (1) gentle, friendly (-ligr yfirbragi); (2) delightful;
-lundabr, a. of gentle disposition;
-leati. n. caressing;
-mli, n. pl. fair words, blandishments;
-mltr, a. affable, bland.
blir, a. (1) gentle, friendly (vera b. ok ekkr vi menn); (2) pleasant, agreeable; at er r blara, that pleases you better; (3) mild, balmy (bltt vr).
blskapar-or, n. friendly word.
bli-skapr (-ar), m. friendliness, kindness; caresses (eiga -skap me konu).
blu-brag, n. friendly mien ( = bltt yfirbrag); caressing;
-fullr, a. friendly.
bli-viri, n. mild weather;
-yri, pl., = blmli.
bligja (-a, -t), v. to gaze (blgja augum).
blkja (blk; bleik, bliku; ---), v. an obsolete verb, = blika.
blstra, f. the mouthpiece of bellows.
blistra (a), v. to whistle; b. spor e-m or e-s, to whistle after one who has run away.
blstran, f. whistling (with the mouth).
blota-mar, m. effeminate person.
blotna (a), v. to become soft or moist; fig., to give way, yield (b. vi e-t, fyrir e-m).
bl, n. (1) blood; rann honum mjk b., he lost much blood; nema (taka) e-m b., to bleed one; vekja e-m b., to draw blood of one; ganga bli, to have a hemorrhage or dysentery, blanda bloi saman, to enter into foster-brothership by mixing blood together; (2) offspring, blood-relations.
bl-band, n. bandage to stop bleeding, esp. pl. (-bnd);
-bogi, m. gush or jet of blood;
-bolli, m. = bltbolli;
-drefjar, f. pl. scattering of blood;
-dreif, f. sprinkling (streak) of blood;
-drekkr, m. one who drinks blood;
-drif, n. flowing of blood;
-dropi, m. drop of blood;
-drykkja, f. drink of blood;
-drg, n. pl., = -dreif;
-fall, n. hemorrhage.
blfalls-stt, f. the bloody flux, dysentery.
bl-flekkr, m. fleck or stain of blood;
-fors, m. gush of blood;
-fullr, a. full of blood.
blga (a), v. to make bloody, to smear with blood; refl., blgast, to become bloody.
bl-kll, m. blood-bag; fig., blood-sucker;
- lauss, a. bloodless;
- lt, n. (1) loss of blood; (2) blood-letting, bleeding;
- ltinn, pp. (that has been) bled;
- lifr, f. clotted blood;
- ligr, a. bloody;
- lkr, m. stream of blood;
- makr, m. maggot bred in putrefying blood;
- ntr, f. pl. 'blood-nights', in the prov., 'bl-ntr eru hverjum brastar,' referring to the fierce

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