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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


blakra (a), v. to flutter with the wings.
bland, n. (1) mixture; b. vi e-n, in company with; b. me e-m, among; (2) sexual intercourse (hafa konu b. = til lags vi sik).
blanda (blend; bltt, blndum; blandinn), v. to blend, mix, e-t e-u, with a thing (b. mj, drykk, eitri); b. e-t saman, to mix together (b. saman hvtt ok rautt); more common, b. e-u vi e-t; b. vatni vi vn, to mix wine with water; b. mtuneyti (dat.,) vi e-n, to eat together with one; refl., blandast vi e-n, to have intercourse with one, esp. of sexual intercourse (blandast vi konur af heinum jum).
blanda (a), v. = prec.
blanda, f. mixture of two fluids (fr fyrst r bl, sian blanda), esp. sour whey mixed with water.
blandan, f. mixing, blending.
blandinn, pp. (cf 'blanda', v.) mixed; Helgi var b. mjk, had a mixed creed; hn er blandin mjk, she is a woman of mixed report.
blauast (a), v. refl., = bleyast.
blau-hugar, a. = blauthugar;
-liga, adv. cowardly.
blaur, a. (1) weak, cowardly; b n, ef ert eigi b., if thou art not a coward; (2) feminine, opp. to 'hvatr', but only used of animals, dogs, cats, fishes; hafit n hendr hundinum, tt b. s, take the dog, though it be a bitch.
blaut-barn, n., in the phrase, fr -barns beini = fr blautu barns beini, see 'blauti '
-flakr, m. fresh fish;
-holdr, a. having soft, smooth flesh (mrin var vn ok -hold);
-hugar, a. faint-hearted (opposed to 'harhugar');
-klddr, pp. clothed in soft raiment (ea vildut r sj -klddan mann?);
-leikr, m. softness;
-lendr, a. soft, moist-soiled;
-liga, adv. effeminately (klddr -liga);
-ligr, a. soft, voluptuous (blautligir kossar) blautlig kvi, amorous ditties.
blautr, a. (1) soft (b. sem silkirma); b. fiskr, fresh fish, opp. to 'harr fiskr'; fr blautu barns beini, from very babyhood; (2) effeminate, timorous, weak (fr er gamall harr, ef hann er bernsku b.); (3) wet, soaked (ar vru vellir blautir, v at regn hfu verit).
bl-ber, n. blueberry, bilberry
-brnar, a. bluish brown;
-djp, n. the blue deep sea;
-eygr, -eygr, a. blue-eyed;
-fastr, a. quite immovable;
-finn, -fr, a. with a bluish polish;
-feldr, m. cloak of blue fur;
-flekkttr, a. speckled with blue;
-hvtr, a. bluish white;
-kpa, f. blue cloak;
-kinn, f. blue cheek;
-klddr, pp. dressed in blue;
-leitr, a. blue-faced, black-faced;
-lendingr, m. Ethiopian;
-lenzkr, a. Ethiopian, from Blland, Ethiopia;
-mar, m. a black man, negro.
blman, f. the livid colour of a bruise.
bl-mengdr, -mengjar, a. blue-mingled;
-merktr, pp. a. marked with blue.
blmi, m. lividness, = blman.
blna (a), v. to become blue or livid (rtna ok b. andliti).
blr, a. (1) blue, livid (b. ok bugr); (2) black (b. sem kol); falda bl, to wrap the head in black.
bl-rendr, a. blue-striped (-rendar brkr).
blsa (bls; bls, blsum; blsinn), v. (1) to blow, of the wind; blsandi byrr, a spanking breeze; (2) to blow with the mouth (hann bls kross yfir drykk snum); to pant (hestrinn tk at frsa ok b.); b. vi to draw a deep breath, to sigh (jarl bls vi miliga); fig., b. mti e-m, to be unfavourably disposed towards one; (3) with dat., to set in motion by blowing or breathing; bls miliga ndinni, breathed hard; b. e-m e-u brjst, to inspire, suggest a thing to one (gu bls henni v brjst); b. eldi, eitri, of serpents; (4) to blow with a musical instrument; b. lri, horni, to blow the trumpet, horn; b. lii (troops) til land-gngu; b. til stefnu, to a meeting; b. herblstr, to sound an alarm; (5) to melt, cast (b. gullmlm , raua); yxn tveir r eiri blsnir (cast); (6) to

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