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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(aan, han), to stand waiting in the same place (there, here); var eigi langt at b., at (it was not long before) sannaist saga bta mns; (2) to suffer, undergo, sustain, with acc., b. bana (daua, hel), skaa, to suffer death, loss; b. mli, to be blamed; b. sigr, to be defeated; b. enga r, to feel no peace, be uneasy; b. bt (btr) e-s, to recover, overcome; (3) e-t br e-s, is in store for one, awaits one (fagnau, vin minn, v at n br eilfr fagnar); (4) impers., e-t (acc.) br, there is, there is to be had, with a preceeding negative; hvrki br ar bru n vinds bl, there is felt neither wave nor breath of air; varla bei brau er fu, was scarcely to be had.
bandi, f. biding, waiting, delay.
biendr, m. pl. those who wait; b. eigu byr, get a fair wind.
bldttr, a. spotted on the cheeks (of a sheep).
bldr, m. an instrument for letting blood, lancet (rit var sem blds spor yri, a scar as from a b.).
bld-r, f. a kind of arrow.
blfi, n. luxury, = blfi.
bta (bt; beit, bitum; bitinn), v. (1) to bite with the teeth (hundr btr mann; E. beit skar r horninu); b. gras, to graze, also absol. (naut bitu velli); b. af e-m eyrun, to bite his ears; b. e-t sundr, to bite asunder or through; b. vrrinni, kampinum, to bite the lip, the beard; impers., of fish, to bite, take the bait (btr vel um daginn') (2) Of sharp instruments, weapons eir er eigi bitu jrn, those whom iron could not bite; sverit beit eigi, did not cut; e-m btr, one's weapon (scythe) cuts well (allt bitu honum annan veg vpnin); fig., beit etta r, was effective; (3) of a ship, to go near the wind; skip, er vr kllum b. allra skipa bezt, the best sailer; impers., beit eim eigi fyrir Reykjanes, they could not clear or weather Reykjaness; (4) fig., to bite, sting, hurt (ik skulu allir eiar b., eir er Helga hafir unna); sekt, sk btr e-n, one is convicted or found guilty; au ml, sem sekt btr, matters liable to punishment; b. e-n, to affect, make an impression on one; etta lt Kjartan sik b., K. took this to heart; lta e-t eigi sik b., to be proof against, to be unaffected by a thing; (5) e-t btr fyrir, is decisive, decides or settles the matter, esp. so as to render it impossible; b. e-m at fullu, to prove fatal to (hafa mik n at fullu bitit hans r); (6) refl., btast (of horses), to bite, in fighting (var honum mikil forvitni, hv btast vildi hestrinn) to bite one another (btast sem hundar ea hestar).
bjalla, f. bell (hann vigi klukkur ok bjllur).
bjannak, n. benediction (from Irish beannacht).
bjarg, n. (1) rock, boulder; (2) precipice, cliff (by the sea).
bjarga (berg; barg, burgum; borginn), v. (1) to help, save, with dat.; nema . byrgi honum, unless Th. helped him; s er ldum bergr, who saves mankind (viz. against the giants, i.e. Thor); gus son er llum heimi barg, who saved the whole world; impers., e-m er borgit, one is saved, comes safe and sound out of danger (brutu skip sitt ok tndu f llu, en mnnum var borgit flestum); b. skipshfn, to rescue the shipwrecked; b. skipi, to haul a ship out of the reach of the tide; b. hval, to secure a dead whale (by dragging it ashore); b. konum, to help labouring women (cf. 'bjargrnar'); b. km, to attend cows calving; b. nm, to render the last service to dead bodies (cf. 'nbjargir'); b. sk, mli, to succeed in winning a case, a suit; (2) refl., bjargast, to keep up the heart, esp. against cold or hunger; Oddr bargst vel fjallinu (in a snow storm); b. sjlfr, to gain one's bread; b. snar hendr, to support oneself with one's own hands; b. ti, to find one's food (graze) in the field (of cattle); Snorri gi fann, at nafni hans bargst ltt vi ostinn, that he got on slowly with eating the cheese;

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