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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


blind see; b. hjrtu vr, to enlighten our hearts; b. ru, to elucidate, make it clearer; impers., verit (acc. birtir, it clears up; okunni (dat.) birtir, the fog lifts; (2) to reveal, manifest, show (skjtt mun ek b. mitt skaplyndi); with dat., b. st sinni, to manifest one's love; refl., birtast, to appear (birtist skai eirra); dagrinn birtist, the day dawns; b. e-m, to appear to one.
birta, f. (1) brightness, fair complexion; (2) = birti.
birtari, m. revealer.
birti, n. brightness, light.
birting, f. (1) brightness; (2) revelation; birtingar t, the Epiphany.
birtingr, m. a kind of fish, sea-trout (?).
biskup (-s, -ar), m. (1) bishop; (2) the Jewish high-priest.
biskupa (a), v. to confirm (b. brn), = ferma.
biskupa-fundr, m., -mt, n. synod of bishops.
biskupan, f. confirmation, = ferming.
biskupa-ing, n. council of bishops.
biskup-dmr, m. = biskupsdmr;
-liga, adv. episcopally;
-ligr, a. episcopal; biskupligt embtti, the office of bishop.
biskups-bningr, m. bishop's robes;
-br, n. bishop's larder;
-dmr, m. (1) dignity or rank of a bishop; (2) the period during which a bishop holds office, episcopate ( -dmi e-s); (3) episcopal see, bishopric;
-dttir, f. bishop's daughter;
-dmi, n. = -dmr (3);
-efni, n. bishop-elect;
-frndi, m. relative of a bishop;
-garr, m. bishop's manor;
-gisting, f.; -herbergi, n. pl. bishop's apartments;
-kr, n., -kosning, f. election of a bishop;
-lauss, a. without a bishop (landit er -laust);
-mar, m. one in the service of a bishop;
-mark, n. sign of a bishop;
-mgr, m. brother-in-law of a bishop;
-messa, f. a mass celebrated by a bishop;
-mtr, n. bishop's mitre;
-nafn, n. title of a bishop;
-rki, n. episcopal see, bishopric;
-sekt, f. a fine to be paid to the bishop;
-skattr, m. a duty to be paid to the bishop (in Norway);
-skr, n., -skri, m. bishop's robes;
-sonr, m. son of a bishop;
-stafr, m. bishop's staff, crosier;
-stjrn, f. administration of a bishop;
-stll, m. (1) episcopal seat; (2) bishopric;
-ssla, f. (1) = -stjrn; (2) province of a bishop, diocese;
-tign, f. dignity or rank of a bishop;
-tund, f. the tithe to be paid to the bishop (in Iceland);
-vatn, n. water consecrated by the bishop Gumund;
-veldi, a. episcopal power;
-vgsla, f. consecration of a bishop.
bismara-pund, n. a certain weight.
bismari, m. steel-yard (mlir ok pundari ok bismari).
bisund, f. a gold coin, besant (foreign word).
bit, n. (1) bite (at tnnunum er bitsins vn); (2) sharpness, edge (of cutting instruments); (3) pasture = bet (Norse).
bita (a), v. (1) to cut into bits; (2) b. t (tbita), with dat., to extend, distend, stretch out.
bit-bein, n. bone of contention (hafa rki essi lengi at fund orit ok
-hundr, m. snappish dog.
biti, m. (1) bit, mouthful; bija bitum, to go begging; (2) eyetooth (upp eru komnir bitar ok jaxlar); (3) cross-beam, cross-girder.
bitill m. = bitull.
bitlar, pp. bitted, bridled; cf. 'gullbitlar'.
bitlingr, m. bit, morsel; stela bitlingum, to steal trifles.
bitr (acc. bitran), a. (1) biting, snapping (b. nara); (2) cutting, sharp (bitrt sver); (3) painful, bitter (b. tregi);
-leikr m. bitterness;
-ligr, a, sharp, keen (-ligt sver).
bit-stt, f. disease (of cattle, sheep) from vermin.
bitull, m. the bit of a bridle.
ba (b; bei, bium; beit), v. (1) to abide, wait for, with gen., b þ mn hr, wait for me here; eir biu byrjar, they waited for favourable wind; b. sinnar stundar, to bide one's time; b. e-s r sta

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