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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


arna); (2) moment; at bil, that very moment; v bili, at the same moment, just then.
bila (a), v. (1) to give way, break, crack; er skipit hljp af stokkunum. bilai skarar nkkurar, some of the seams gave way; (2) with dat., flestum bilar rit, most people lose heart; with infin., rr vill fyrir engan mun b. at koma til einvgis, Th. will by no means fail to meet; (3) impers., hug ok ri mun mik aldregi b., I shall never be wanting in courage and pluck.
bil-bugr, m. failing of heart, giving way; lta engan -bug sr sj, to show no sign of fear, stand firm.
bilt, a. n., only in the phrase, e-m verr b., one is startled, alarmed; r (dat.) var b. einu sinni (for once Thor's heart failed him) at sl hann me hamrinum.
bimbult a. n., in the phrase, e-m er b., one feels uneasy (kerling fr ekki sofnat um nttina, sv var henni bimbult).
binda (bind; batt, bundum; bundinn), v. (1) to bind, tie, fasten, tie up; b. hest, hund, to tie up a horse, dog; b. sk, vengi, to tie shoes, thongs; b. stein vi hls e-m, to fasten a stone to one's neck; b. fyrir augu e-m, to blindfold one; (2) to bind in parcels, to pack up (b. varning til skips); b. hey hest, to truss hay on a horse's back; b. korn, to tie up sheaves of corn; b. klyf, to tie up a pack; (3) b. e-t um e-t, to bind round; hann batt silkirmu um ft sr, he bound a strip of silk round his leg; b. um e-t, to put a bandage on; batt Yngvildr um ft honum, bound up his (wounded) leg; b. um sr, to bind up a wound; fig., hefir margr hlotit um srt at b. fyrir mr, many a man has had wounds to tie up by my means (i.e. inflicted by me); ykkir mr bezt um heilt at b., to bind a sound limb, to keep safe and sound; b. sr = b. um sr; b. hnd e-s, to bind his hand; (4) to make, form, contract, enter into (b. samflag, vinttu, tengdir, hjskap); b. stt ok fri, to make a reconciliation and peace; b. r, to resolve; absol. with infin., to fix, engage (bundu eir rir at hittast kvenum st); (5) refl., to bind or engage oneself; em ek eigi ess binn, nema fleiri bindist, unless more persons bind themselves, enter the league; b. hendi (hndum) e-m, to bind oneself to serve another (b. hendi konungum); b. fyrir e-u, to put oneself at the head of an undertaking; b. (= binda sik) e-u, to engage in a thing (b. heitum); b. banns atkvi; to bring on oneself the sentence of excommunication; with gen. (b. e-s = b. af or fr e-u), to refrain from a thing; eigi bazt hann ferligra ora, he did not refrain from bad words.
bindandi, f. = bindendi.
bindandis-tmi, m. time of abstinence.
bindendi, f. and n. abstinence (b. matar ok drykkjar ok margra annara girnda).
bindendis-kraptr, m. virtue of abstinence;
-lauss, a. licentious;
-lif, n. life of abstinence;
-mar, m. an ascetic.
bingr, m. bed, bolster (statt upp r binginum).
birgir, f. pl. stores, provisions.
birgiligr, a. serviceable, useful.
birgja (-a, -r). v., b. e-n at e-u, to furnish, provide one with a thing (n vil ek b. b itt at mlnytusumar).
birgr, a. well-furnished, provided (at e-u) with a thing (b. at kosti).
birki-, in compds., birch-.
birkinn, a. birchen; only in 'birkinn vir' = birkivir.
birki-raptr, m. birch-rafter;
-vir, m. birch-wood.
birkja (-ta, -tr), v. to bark, strip off the bark from a tree (b. vi).
birkja, f. birch-juice.
birna, f. she-bear, = bera.
birta (-rta, -rtr), v. (1) to brighten, light up, illuminate; var birt allt hlrit (the bow of the vessel was made bright) bi hvtum steini ok rauum; stjrnur birta nttina, light up the night; b. blinda, to make the

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