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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


betr, adv. compar., (1) better; b. tti mr, I would rather; vnu b., better than expected; hafa b., to get the better of it; (2) more; leggit fram b. hit mikla skipit, bring further forward; rj hundru ok rr tigir ok sex b., to boot; ef hann orkar (or m) b., if he can do more; ekki mttu sumir inenn b. en f staizt, they, were just able to keep up against him; sv hr, at engi annarra tk b. en xl honum, reached higher than to his shoulder.
betra (a), v. to better, improve (b. lf sitt); refl. to become better; impers., eir sgu, at konungi betraist mjk, that the king felt, much better.
betran, f. bettering, improvement.
betranligr, a. improvable.
betr-ferungr, m. a man better than his father, = fer-betrungr.
betri, a. compar., beztr, superl. better, best; eim tti betra at, they thought it better to; beztr bndi, an excellent farmer; er mr hefir beztr verit, best (kindest) towards me; with gen., mean bezt er sumars, during the best part of the summer.
beygja (-a, -r), v. to bend, bow (b. hlsinn fyrir e-m); b. e-m krk, to make it awkward for one.
beyglast (a). v. refl. to become bent (spjtit beyglaist).
beysta (-sta, -str), v. to beat; b. korn, to thresh; b. bakfllum, to pull hard at the oars.
beysti, n. ham, gammon of bacon.
beytill, m. fescue-grass (?), cf. 'góibeytill '.
bezt (older 'bazt'), adv., superl. to 'vel', best; b. binn, best equipted; b. allra manna, best of all men.
beztr (older 'baztr'), a. superl., see betri
biblia, f. the Bible; also 'biflia'.
bi, n. pl. waiting, delay; gr bum, patient.
bia (a). v. to wait; b. e-s, to wait for (eir biuu eirra).
bia, f. awaiting (rare).
bian, f. delay, biding.
bi-angr, m. = bian, bivangr.
biill (pl. bilar), m. wooer, suitor.
bija (bi; ba, bum; beinn), v. (1) to ask, beg a thing of one (b. e-n e-s); with infin., to beg one to do a thing; inn bi hann ganga, ask him to step in; with the infin. sign 'at', to beg leave; bir hann at fara norr Hlogaland, asked for furlough to go to H.; with 'at' and a subj. (bija viljum vr, at sr lisbninni me oss); b. e-s, to beg for a thing (b. miskunnar, matar); b. e-m e-s, to beg for a thing on behalf of one; b. e-m lfs, gria, to beg for one's life, to sue for quarter for another; b. sr lmusu, to ask for alms; b. (sr) konu, to ask in marriage; b. fyrir e-m, to intercede (pray) for one; (2) to pray to God (b. til gus); b. bn sna (bnar sinnar, bn sinni), to say one's prayer; (3) refl., bijast fyrir, to say one's prayers; b. undan, to excuse oneself (from doing a thing).
bi-leika (a), v. to wait, stay, tarry (= 'bia').
bi-lund, f. forbearance, patience.
bilundar-gr, a. patient;
ml, n. a matter that can wait.
bi-lyndi, n., -stll, m. (rare), = bi-lund.
bi-stund, f. time passed in waiting delay, respite.
bistundar-tmi, m. = bistund.
bi-vangr, m. = biangr.
bifast (- and a), v. refl. (1) to shake, tremble (allr sa salr undir bifist); (2) to be moved; vagninn bifast hvergi, cannot be moved.
bif-rst, f. poet., mythical name of the rainbow.
bik, n. pitch (svartr sem b.; biki svartari);
bika (a), v. to pitch.
bikarr, m. large drinking cup, beaker (cf. 'sttar-bikarr').
bikkja, f. bitch (= grey, tik).
bikkja (-ta, -tr), v. to plunge into water; hann bikkti sr t af borinu, hann bikkti sjinn, he plunged overboard.
bikkju-hvelpr, m. bitch's whelp;
-sonr, m. son of a bitch;
-stakkr, m. skin of a bitch.
bil, n. (1) an open space left (b. er

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