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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


bergja (-a, -r), v. to taste, with dat.; rgunna vildi ngum mat b., Th. would taste no food; b. lvi, to taste (drink) ale; b. daua, to taste death; also b. e-u (enn hfum vi eigi daua bergt).
bergning, f. = berging (rare).
berg-ns, f.= bergsns;
-rifa, f. fissure in a rock,= bjargrifa;
-risi, m. hill-giant;
-skor, f. rift in a rocky hill, = bjargskora;
-snos, f. a rocky projection;
-tollr, m. rock-toll, paid for catching fowl thereon;
-vrr, m. a watch or lookout for rocks and cliffs (halda bergvr).
ber-hfi, a. indecl. bare-headed;
-hgg, n. in the phrase, ganga (or ) -hgg vi e-n, to enter into open fight with; Jan gekk berhgg at banna allar r hfur, interdicted these abuses boldly and openly.
berill, m. vessel, barrel for fluids (mjrinn var borinn berlum).
berindis, adv. openly (rare).
berja (ber; bara, brum; barr, barir), v. (1) to beat, strike, smite (b. e-n); hr sv fagrt sem barit gull, as beaten gold; b. korn af hlmi, to thresh; b. h af e-m, to scourge severely; b. e-n grjti, to stone (= grta); b. e-n illyrum, vtum, to abuse, reproach one; b. . e-m, to attack one with blows, give one a thrashing,; b. hur, dyrr, at huru, at dyrum, to knock, rap at a door; b. sr brjst, to smite one's breast (in repentance); b. til e-s = b. e-m; b. e-n til e-s, to drive one with blows to do a thing (verða barðr til bœkr); (2) with dit., b. grjóti i andlit e-m, to throw stones in one's face; b. saman vpnum, skjldum, to dash weapons, shields against each other; b. (to neglect, slight) gus boum; b. e-u nir (opp. to ljsta e-u upp), to hush up; (3) intrans., hjarta hans bari (beat, throbbed) undir sunni; (4) impers., skjagrjti bari augu eim, hailstones dashed in their eyes; eim bari saman, they dashed against each other; (5) refl., berjast, to fight (vi e-n, with or against a person. vi ver, against bad weather; vi e-m, for a person); b. e-t, to assail attack (b. borgina, gus l); tt hann berist lengi mt (offered resistance).
berja-vin, n. berry-wine.
berkja (-ta, -t), v. to boast, brag.
ber-kyrtlar, a. wearing the kirtle only, without cloak or mantle;
-leggjar, -leggr, a. bare-legged:
-liga, adv. (1) openly, barely (2) quite, altogether (berliga viljandi)
-ligr, a. open, manifest, clear.
berlings-ss, m. pole (-ss digr rettn alna langr).
ber-mlugr, a. outspoken;
-mlgi, f., -mli, n. pl. outspokenness, frankness;
-mltr, a. = -mlugr.
bernska, f. childhood (hann var bernsku).
bernsk-liga, adv. childishly;
-ligr, a. childish;
bernskr, a. childish, childlike.
bernsku-aldr, m. years, days, of childhood;
-brag, n. childish trick;
-ligr, a. belonging to childhood, childish;
-mar, m. childish person, youth;
-r, n. childish design.
berr, a. (1) bare, naked (lk bert ok blugt); undir berum himni, in the open air; hvla berri jru, on the bare ground; (2) open, clear, manifest; segja e-t berum orum, in plain words vera berr at e-u, to be convicted of a thing; gra e-t bert, to make known; gra sik beran e-u, to reveal, show one's mind in a thing; vru berastir v rndir, the Th. were most undisguised in it.
ber-serkr (-s, -ir), m. 'bear-sark', berserker, a wild warrior of the heathen age.
berserka-gangr. m. fury of the berserkers.
bersi, m., see 'bessi'.
ber-shjaldar, a. without a shield;
-syndugr, a. guilty of open sin (bersyndugr mar);
-sgli, f. outspokenness, freedom of speech.
bert, adv. openly, clearly (mla b.).
ber-yri, n. pl. = bermli, bersgli.
bessi (for 'bersi ', cf. 'bera ', f.), m. he-bear, Bruin.
besti, n. = bast.

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