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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


tugr gu vi b. kirkjubrunann, prevented, stopped the burning of the church; II. impers., denoting a sort of passive or involuntary motion; (1) with acc., it bears or carries one to a place; alla berr at sama brunni, all come to the same well (end); bar hann (acc.) ofan gegnt suri, he happened to come down just opposite to .; esp. of ships and sailors; berr oss (acc.) til slands ea annarra landa, we drift to Iceland or other countries; (acc.) bar sur haf, they were carried out southwards; Skarphein (acc.) bar n at eim, S. came suddenly upon them; ef hann (acc.) skyldi bera ar at, if he should happen to come there; e-n berr yfir, one is borne onwards, of a bird flying, a man riding; hann (acc.) bar skjtt yfir, it passed quickly (of a flying meteor); (2) followed by preps.; Gunnar sr, at rauan kyrtil bar vi glugginn, that a red kirtle passed before the window; hvergi bar skugga (acc.) , there was nowhere a shadow; e-t berr fram (htt), is prominent; lafr konungr st lyptingu ok bar hann (acc.) htt mjk, stood out conspicuously; e-t berr milli, comes between; leiti (acc.) bar milli, a hill hid the prospect; fig. e-m berr e-t milli, they are at variance about a thing; mart (acc.) berr n fyrir augu mr, many things come now before my eyes; veii (acc.) berr hendr e-m, game falls to one's lot; e-t berr undan, goes amiss, fails; b. saman, to coincide; bar nfn eirra saman, they had the same name; fig., with dat.; bar llum sgum vel saman, all the stories agreed well together; fund vrn bar saman, we met; (3) b. at, til, vi, at hendi, til handa, to befall, happen, with dat. of the person; sv bar at einn vetr, it happened one winter; at etta vandri (acc.) hafi n borit oss (dat.) at hendi, has befallen us; bar honum sv til, it so befell him; at bar vi (it so happened), at Hgni kom; raun (acc.) berr , it is proved by fact; (4) of time, to fall upon; ef ing (acc.) berr hina helgu viku, if the parliament falls in the holy week; b. mti, to coincide, happen exactly at the same time; (5) denoting cause; e-t berr til, causes a thing; konungr spuri, hvat til bri glei hans, what was the cause of his grief; tluu at allir, at at mundi til b., that that was the reason; berr e-m nausyn til e-s, one is obliged to do a thing; (6) e-t berr undir e-n, falls to a person's lot; hon arf at taka, egar er undir hana berr, in her turn; e-t berr fr, is surpassing; er sagt, at at (acc.) bri fr, hv vel eir mltu, it was extraordinary how well they spoke; (7) e-t berr brum, happens of a sudden; e-t berr stru, strum (strrum), it amounts to much (more), it matters a great deal (more), it is of great (greater) importance; (8) absol. or with an adv., vel, illa, with infin.; e-m berr (vel, illa) at gera e-t, it becomes, beseems one (well, ill) to do a thing (berr yr vel, herra, at sj sannindi essu mli); used absol., berr vel, illa, it is beseeming, proper, fit, or unbeseeming, improper, unfit (at ykkir eigi illa b., at).
bera (a), v. to make bare (hon berai likam sinn).
bera, f. she-bear,=bima.
ber-bakt, adv. bare-backed, without saddle (ra -bakt);
-beinn, a. barelegged;
-brynjar, a. wearing a coat of mail with no garment over it;
-dreymr, a. having clear dreams as to the future.
ber-fjall, n. bear-skin (cf 'bera').
ber-fttr, a. bare-footed, barelegged; berfttr brir, bare-footed friar, minorite.
berg, n. (1) rock, boulder; (2) cliff, precipice (framan bergi).
berg-bi, m. rock-dweller, giant;
-danir, m. pl.= -bar;
-hamarr, m. rocky precipice;
-hl, f. the side of a berg, mountain slope;
-hgg, n. a quarrying tool.
bergi-biti, m. a bit to taste, small bit;
-ligr, a. inviting to taste.
berging, f. tasting, taste.
bergisamligr, a. = bergiligr.

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