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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


bribed; cf. bera f e-n, to bribe one; (6) to bear, be capable of bearing, (of a ship, horse, vehicle); eir hlu bi skipin sem bor bru, with as much as they could carry; fig., to sustain, support (sv mikill mannfjldi, at landit fekk eigi borit); of persons, to bear up against, endure, support (grief, sorrow, &c.); absol., bar hann drengiliga, he bore it manfully; similarly, b. (harm) af sr, berast vel (illa, ltt) af; bar hon skruliga af sr, she bore up bravely; hversu berst Aur af um brurdauann, how does she bear it? hon berst af ltt, she is much cast down; b. sik vel upp, to bear well up against; (7) b. e-t , e-n hendr e-m, to charge or tax one with (eigi erum vr ess valdir, er berr oss); b. (kvi) e-n, to give a verdict against, declare guilty ( annat sinn bru eir Flosa kviinn); b. af e-m (kviinn), to give a verdict for; b. e-t af sr, to deny having done a thing; b. or b. vitni, vtti, to bear witness, testify; b. or b. um e-t, to give a verdict in a case; b. e-n sannpn at sk, to prove guilty by evidence; b. e-n undan sk, to acquit; b. sundr frndsemi eirra, to prove (by evidence that they are not relations; b. e-m vel (illa) sguna, to give a favourable (unfavourable) account of one; refl. (pass-.), berast, to be proved by evidence (tt r berist at faerni, er segir); (8) to set forth, report, tell; b. e-m kveju (or, orsending), to bring, one a greeting, compliments (word, message); b. or b. fram erindi sn fyrir e-n, to state (tell) one's errand or to 'plead one's case before one; b. e-m njsn, to apprise one; b. e-t upp, to produce, mention, tell; b. upp gtu, to give (propound) a riddle; b. upp erindi sn, to state one's errand; b. saman r sn, to consult together; eyddist a r, er eir bru saman, which they had designed (9) to keep, hold, bear, of a title (b. jarlnafn, konnungsnafn); b. (eigi) giptu, gfu, hammingju, aunu til e-s, (not) to have the good fortune to do a thing bar han enga gfu til at jna r); vit. Skyn, kunnttu e-t, to have knowledge of, understanding about; vel viti borinn, endowed with a good understanding; b. hug; ari, or, traust til e-s, to have courage, confidence to do a thing; b. hyggju fyrir e-u, to be concerned about; b. st, elsku, hatr til e-s, to bear affection, love, hatred to; (10) to bear off or away, carry off (some gain); b. sigr af e-m, af e-u, to carry off the victory from or in; hann hafi borit sigr af tveim orustum, he had been victorious in two battles; b. hrra (lgra) hlut, to get the best (the worst) of it; b. efra (hrra) skjld, to gain the victory; b. htt (lgt) hfuit, to bear the head high (low), to be in high (low) spirits; b. halann bratt, lgt, to cock up or let fall the tail, to be in high or low spirits; (11) with preps.; b. af e-m, to surpass; en bar Bolli af, surpassed all the rest; b. af sr hgg, lag to ward off, parry a blow or thrust; b. eld at, to set fire to; b. fjtur (bnd) at e-m, to put fetters (bonds) on one; b. vpn e-n, to attack one with sharp weapons; b. or , to smear, anoint (b. vatn augu sr, b. tjru hfu sr); b. e-t til, to apply to, to try if it fits (b. til hvern lykil af rum at portinu); b. e-t um, to wind round; bar hann festi um sik, made it fast round his body; b. um me e-n, to bear with, have patience with; b. t barn, to expose a child; (12) refl., berast mikit (ltit) , to bear oneself proudly (humbly); lta af b., to die; lta fyrir b. e-s staar, to stay, remain in a place (for shelter); b. e-t fyrir, to design a thing, (barst hann at fyrir at sj aldregi konur); at njsna um, hvat hann brist fyrir, to inquire into what he was about; b. vpn , to attack one another; b. at or til, to happen; at barst at (happened) einhverju sumri; ef sv harliga kann til at b., if that misfortune does happen; b. mti, to happen, occur; hefir etta vel mti borizt, it is a happy coincidence; b. vi, to be prevented; ok n lt almt-

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