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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


veri r n at b. vi slk sem til er, you must now put up with what you can get.
bjarga (a), v. (rare), = preceding (bjargat mun mlinu vera).
bjargar-vist, f. a situation which yields food and clothing.
bjarg-aurar, m. pl. means enough for support.
bjarg-gengr, a. clever at climbing on fowling cliffs (cf 'ganga bjarg').
bjarg-hagr, a. a dexterous carpenter or smith for household work.
bjarg-hgg, n. instrument for hewing steps in a rock.
bjarg-kostr, m. means of support;
-kvir, m. verdict of acquittal;
-leysi, n. starvation, destitution;
-r, n. (1) means of salvation; (2) advice given to an outlaw with intent to save his life.
bjarg-rifa, f. rift in a rock, = bergrifa.
bjarg-rnar, f. pl. runes for helping women in labour;
-rgr (rgjar, -rgir), f. midwife.
bjarg-skora, f. rift in a rocky hill, = bergskor.
bjargs-mar, m. a self-supporting person.
bjarg-sns, f. = bergsns;
steinn, m. boulder, craig.
bjarg-vel, adv. well enough.
bjarg-vttr, f. helping sprite, good genius.
bjarkan, n. the runic letter B.
bjarkeyjar-rttr, m. town-law.
Bjarmar. m. pl., name of a people or tribe of the Russian empire, the Perms of the present day.
, m. = bjarnbss
-hamr, m. the hide, shape of a bear;
-h, n. a black bear's lair;
-hold, n. bear's flesh;
-hrammr, m. bear's paw;
-sltr, n. meat of a slaughtered bear.
bjarn-bss, m. a pit for catching bears;
-dri, n. bear;
-eggjan, f. brutal provocation;
-feldr, m. bear-skin cloak;
-fell, n. bear's fell, bear's skin;
-gjld, n. pl. reward for killing a bear;
-hnn, m. bear's cub
-igull, m. a kind of sea-urchin;
-lpa, f. = bjarnskinnslpa;
-skinn, n. bearskin.
bjarnskinns-lpa, f. a bearskin cloak.
bjarn-staka, f. bearskin;
-svia, f. large knife for killing bears;
-veiar, f. pl. bear-hunting (fara -veiar);
-ylr, m. bear's warmth, the vital warmth of an ice-bear.
bjart-eygr, -eygr, a. bright-eyed;
-haddar a. fair-haired;
-leikr, m. brightness;
-leitr, a. fair-complexioned;
-liga, adv. clearly, plainly;
-litar, a. light-coloured.
bjartr, a. (1) bright, shining (bjart ljs, slskin); (2) illustrious (me bjrtum sigri).
bjart-viri, n. clear weather.
bjlfi (or bjlbi), m. fur, skin, esp. in compds., hreinbjlfi, geitbjlfi.
bjlki, m. balk, beam.
bj, n. (1) small table; (2) small bowl.
bja (b; bau, buum; boinn), v. (1) to offer; eir hofu boit honum laun, they had offered him rewards; . bau at gefa (offered to give) Gunnlaugi hestinn; b. gri, to offer pardon; b. e-t til lfs sr, as a ransom for one's life; b. e-t fram, to proffer, produce (b. fram vitni); b. e-t upp, af hendi, to give up, leave off; br hann upp hornit, gives up the horn, will not drink more; b. e-t undan e-m, to offer to take a thing off one's hands (er kostr at b. undan eim manni varveizluna fjrins); b. e-t vi, to make a bid; b. vi tvenn ver, to bid double; refl., bjast, to offer oneself, volunteer one's service; roddr bauzt (offered himself) til eirrar farar; (2) to do a thing to one, in a bad sense; b. e-m gn, to wage war against one; b. e-m jfnu, ofriki, to treat unfairly, oppress; b. e-m gn, to affright, terrify; b. e-m rangt, to treat one unjustly; (3) to bid, invite (b. e-m til sn or heim); b. mnnum til bos, to bid guests to a banquet, wedding; (4) to bid, order; sem lg buu, as the law prescribed; b. e-m erendi, to commit a thing to one's charge; b.

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