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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


baka (a), v. (1) to bake (b. brau); (2) to warm and rub the body and limbs, at a large fire (see 'bakeldr'); esp. refl., bakast (vi eld); (3) to rub, = strjka; bakai Helgi ftinn, he rubbed the (broken) leg.
bakan, n. bacon (rare).
bakara-meistari, m. master-baker;
-ofn, m. baker's oven.
bakari, m. baker.
bak-bit, n. backbiting, slander;
-btari, m. backbiter, slanderer;
-bori, m. the larboard side of a ship, port, opp. to 'stjrnbori';
-brjta (see brjta), v. to violate, = brjta bak;
-byringar, m. pl. the crew on the larboard side, opp. to the 'stjrnhyringar';
-byrr, f. a burden to carry on the back.
bakelda-gr, f. the action of making a bakeldr, or the rubbing of the back at a bakeldr.
bak-eldr, m. a fire at which to bake (warm and rub) the body and limbs (sitja vi -elda).
bak-fall, n. (1) falling backwards, esp. in pl., ra -fllum, knja rar me strum -fllum, to take long pulls with the oars;   (2) attack in the rear, = -slag; veita e-m -fall, to attack in the rear;
-fer, f. mounting on horseback;
-ferla (a), v. to drive back, annul, make void;
-hlutr, m. the hind part backside;
-hold, n. pl. the flesh on the back of cattle;
-hverfast (), v. refl., to turn one's back upon (vi e-) ;
-jarl, m. a foe attacking in the rear.
bakka-klfr, m. a kimi of blunt-headed arrow;
-stokkar, m. pl. stocks on which a ship is built; setja fram af -stokkum, to launch.
bakki, m. (1) bank (of a river, lake, chasm, &c.); (2) ridge, bank (hann settist undir bakka hrsrunni); (3) a mound on which the target is set up; setja span bakka, to set up a target; (4) bank of clouds above the horizon ; (5) back of a knife or other cutting instrument, opp. to 'egg'.
bak-kli, n. tapestry;
-lengja, f. the back-strip of a hide;
-mll, -mlugr, a. backbiting, slanderous;
-mla (-ta, -t), v. to backbite (-mla e-m);
-mlgi, f., -mali, n. backbiting, slander.
bakmlis-mar, m. calumniator.
bak-rauf, f. anus, a nickname;
-srr, a. having a sore back (of a horse) ;
-setja (see setja), v. to neglect, omit (setja at gera e-t);
-skyrta, f. the hind part of a shirt;
-slag. n., -sletta, f. attack in the rear, = bakfall (2);
m.= baksletta;
m. the hind part of a cloak;
-stokkar, m. pl. = bakkastokkar.
bakstr (-rs)
, m. (1) baking; (2) baked bread, esp. communion bread; (3) poultice, fomentation ; (4) warming, rubbing (of the body).
n. baked bread;
-bukr, m. a box in which the communion bread was kept;
eldr, m. (1) = bakeldr; (2) fire for making bread (gera eir -elda stra til braus)
-hs, n. bakehouse;
-jrn, n. an iron plate for baking communion bread;
-kona, f. female baker;
-ofn, m. baking-oven;
-sveinn, m. baker boy.
bak-vana, a. indecl. having a sore back (of horses);
-verkr, m. pain in the back;
-verpast (t), v. (1) to turn away from, disregard (vi e-t or  vi e-m) ; (2) to flee before one (-verpast vi snum vinum).
baldikin, n. baldaquin, rich brocade.
baldinn, a. untractable, unruly.
baldrast (a), v. refl., to crowd together in a confused throng.
baldrii, m. = ballrii.
bali, m. grassy bank.
ballr, a. dangerous, dire; bll r, fatal schemes; ballir draumar, bad, illboding dreams; bll r, heavy grief.
ballrast (a), v. refl.,= baldrast.
m. poet., 'bold rider,' hero (Freyr er beztr allra ballria).
balsamr, m. balsam.
bana (a), v. to kill, with dat.
bana-bl, n. blood shed in slaying;
-dagr, m. day of death;
-drykkr, m. baneful draught, poison;
-dgr, n. = -dagr;
n. death-blow (f-hgg; var at hans -hgg);

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