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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


n. stabbing to death;
-mar, m. killer, slayer;
-or, n. (1) tidings of one's death (segja -or e-s); bera -or af e-m, to slay one in fight; (2) death ; iggia -or af e-m, to be killed by one; kenna e-m -or, to charge with slaying one;
-r, n. planning a person's death; ra or veita e-m -r, to bring about one's death ;
-sr, n. death-wound, a mortal wound;
-skot, n. mortal shot;
-sótt, f. death sickness, mortal illness ;
-spjt, n., in the phrase, berast -spjt. eptir, to be deadly enemies;
-tilri, n. mortal attack (veita e-m -tilri) ;
-fa, f. a knoll that causes one's death ; hnga vi -fu, to die; drepa ftum vi -fu, to stumble against or over a fatal knoll.
band, n. (1) the act of binding or settling, opp. to 'lausn'; fig., lausn ok b. allra vandamla, the decision in all difficult cases; (2) band, cord (mjtt b.); (3) in pl., (a) bonds, fetters (hafa e-n bndum) ; (b) bond, confederacy (ganga bnd ok ei) ; (c) poet., the gods, cf 'hpt'; blta bnd, to worship the gods; at mun banda, at the will of the gods.
banda (a), v. to make a sign by waving the hand; b. mti fnu, to drive away the sheep ; with dat., b. hnum; to wave the hands.
banda-mar, m. confederate, one who is in league with others.
bandingi (-ja), m. prisoner.
band-vetlingr, m. a kind of glove.
bang, n. hammering;
banga (a), v. to hammer, knock; b. dyrr or dyrr, to knock at the door.
bang-hagr, a. knowing how to use the hammer.
bani, m. (1) death; f (bia, hafa, taka) bana, to die; ra sr bana, to commit suicide; leia e-n til bana, to cause one's death (of an illness) ; kominn at bana, sinking fast; (2) that which causes death, bane; slayer (fjgurra manna b.).
bann, n. (1) excommunication, anathema, interdict; hit meira b., the greater exc. ; hit minna b. (the lesser exc.) at sem forbo er kallat norrnu ; (2) prohibition, opp. to 'lof ' (hla boi ok banni e-s) ; leggja b. fyrir e-t, to prohibit.
banna (a): v. (1) to forbid, prohibit (b. e-m e-t or with infin.) ; (2) to curse (b. e-m) ; refl. bannast um, to swear (to do a thing).
bannaar-or, n. = bannanaror.
bannan, f. curse, imprecation.
bannanar-or, n. pl. = bannan.
bann-fra (-a, -r), v. to place under the ban.
banns-atkvði, n. sentence of excommunication;
-felli, n., -dmr, m. = -atkvi.
bann-setja (see setja), v. (1) to place under the ban ; (2) to curse;
-setning, f. excomunication;
-settliga, adv. wickedly;
-settligr, a. execrable, detestable;
-settr, pp. (1) placed under the ban ; (2) accursed.
banns-ml, n. a case liable to excommunication;
-pina, f. punishinent of excommunication;
-spjt, n. spear of excommunication;
-verk, n. an act liable to excommunication.
bann-syngja (see syngja), v. to pronounce an anathema against.
banns-sk, f. an offense liable to excommunication.
ban-or, f . = banaor;
-vnligr, a. mortal, deadly;
-vnn, a. (1) = -vnligr (-vnt sr) ; (2) deadly sick; ok er dr at v at hann var -vnn, when all hope of life was gone.
barar, f. pl. (1) hand-barrow, stretcher . var borinn brum um fjallit) ; (2) funeral bier carried by horses (mddust hestarnir undir brunum).
bartta, f. (1) contest, fighting; (2) fight, battle.
barttu-fullr, a. combative, fond of fighting;
-mar, m. warrior;
-samr. a. given to fighting.
bar, n. (1) beard (rare); (2) brim, of a hat or helmet ; (3) the beak or armed prow of ships (of war), stem ; ra fyrir b. e-m (= ra fyrir stafn e-m), to thwart one.
bara, f. a kind of axe.
bardaga-binn, pp. ready for battle;
-frest, n. delay of battle;

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