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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-hugi, -hugr, m. love, affection;
-hygli, f. devotion;
-ilmr, m. sweetness of love ;
-kveja, f. hearty greeting;
-kveikja, f. kindler of love;
-lauss, a. loveless;
-leysi, n. absence of love;
-logi, m. flame of love;
-mark, n. token of love;
-or, n. pl. words of love (mla -orum til e-s);
-reii, f. anger from love
-samband, n. band of love;
-sigr, m. victory of love;
-sningr, m. love feast;
-stleigr, m. sweetness of love;
-vrkunn, f. compassion;
-verk, n. act of charity;
-vl, f. artifice of love (bk -vla, Ars amandi);
-jnusta, f. service of love;
-okki, m. love, affection;
-i, n. fury of love.
st-blindr, a. blind from love
-bundinn, pp. in bonds of love, deeply enamoured.
-stemma, f. damming up of a river.
st-fenginn, pp. (1) love-exciting (-fenginn drykkr) ; (2) bound in love (-fenginn vi Maru) ;
-flginn, pp. beloved, dear to one (e-m) ;
-fstr, n. loving fosterage (leggja -fstr vi e-n ; fa e-n upp -fstri) ;
-gjf, f. gift of love, grace ;
-goi, or -gi, m. darling;
-hollr, a. affectionate (e-m) ;
-hugar, a. dearly loving, affectionate;
-hugi, m. affection.
-stig, n. treading-upon (sltt strti til stigs).
st-igr, a. dear, lovely; pl. contr. stgir, stgar;
-kynni, n. hearty welcome;
-lauss, a. void of love, loveless;
-leysi, n. want of love, unkindness;
-menn, m. pl. dearly beloved friends;
-mr, f. darling maid, sweetheart;
-r, n. kindly advice.
-strari, m. adversary, tempter.
st-rki, f. affectionate tenderness hafa -rki af e-m, to be much loved by;
-rkr, a. full of love (-rkt hugskot) -rkr e-m or til e-s, full of love to;
-samliga, adv. affectionately;
samligr, a. affectionate;
-samr, a. full of love, tenderly disposed towards (vi e-n) ;
-semd, f. love, affection.
stsemdar-frndsemi, f. affectionate relationship;
-r, n. kind advice;
-verk, n. work of love;
-vintta, f. loving-friendship.
st-semi, f. = -semd;
-sld, f. popularity;
-sll, a. beloved by all, popular (-sll e-m or af e-m).
-stunda (a), v. to study, take pains with, = stunda e-t;
-stundan, f. (1) care, painstaking endeavour; (2) strong desire (hafa . til gus); (3) intention.
st-, f. love, affection ; leggja st til e-s, to become fond of one.
star-frndsemi, f. affectionate kinship ;
-vinr, m. dear friend.
st-igr, a. beloved, dear (-igr llu flki) ; -igt er me eim, they are on friendly or loving terms;
-ligr, a. amiable, friendly (vi e-n or e-m) ; loving.
st-vina, f. dear (female) friend;
-vintta, f. intimate friendship;
-vinr, m. intimate friend;
-okki, m. = starokki.
s-ynja, f. goddess, the fem. answering to 'ss '.
-sn, f. (1) countenance, presence (ksta e-m burt fr, sinni ..); (2) appearance, shape (gus hold ok bl . braus ok vns) ; (3) view, opinion (me rangri .) ; (4) dat. pl. used as adv., hversu var hann snum, how did he look?; gen. as adv., minna snar, apparently less.
-sna (-da, -dr), v. to shew;
-snd, f. = sn ; sndum = snum ; sndar= snar ;
-sniligr, a. conspicuous, stately ;
-snis, adv. in appearance, to look at (frir .);
-snt, a. n. to be seen, visible ; ef eigi verr ., if no mark (of the blow) can be seen ; at er ., it is evident.
-skni, f. aggressiveness.
t, n. (1) the act of eating; eiga t ok drkkju vi e-n, to eat and drink with one; kr hafnai tinu, the cow would not eat; (2) food (t ok drykkr).
ta, a. f. (1) eating; gr tu, good eating; (2) food, meat; s hafi h ok tu, er tti, let the owner (of the ox) have the hide and meat.
-tak, n. (1) touch, touching; sv taks (to the touch) sem skinn;

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