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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(opp. to 'afsaka') ;
-sakan, f. charge censure.
sakanar-efni, n. matter for censure;
-or, n. pl. words of reproach.
-sakari, m. accuser, adversary,
-samt, adv. (1) vera ., to be together, esp. of married people; (2) koma . to agree; au kmu vel ., they lived happily together,
-saur, m. ewe; coll. ewes.
-sld, a. sprinkling, fig., of a snow storm.
-sttr, pp. agreed, having come to terms (. um e-t).
s-br, f. bridge of the Gods, the rainbow.
s-drengr, m. short pillar;
-endi, m. the end of a beam,
-seta, f. (1) sitting upon; (2) tenure of a farm (seta jrð).
-setning, f. laying on, putting on (. stlunnar),
s-garr, m. the residence of the Gods;
-grindr, f. pl. the gate of sgarr.
-sigling, f. sailing upon.
-sj (gen. sjr), f. (1) help, aid, protection (bija e-n sjr) ; (2) superintendence, inspection; (3) appearance, shape.
sj-ligr, a. handsome, pretty;
-ml, n. a matter worthy of, or requiring, consideration.
-sjna, f. older form for 'sjna'
sjn, f. superintendence, inspection = sn.
-sjna, f. (1) countenance, look; kvenna vnst bai at sjnu (appearance) ok vitsmunum ; greppligr sjnu, ugly-looking, ; (2) form, shape (andi drottins dfu sjnu).
-skelling, f. chiding, severe reproof (cf. 'skella .').
-skeyti, n. attack.
-skilnar, m. (1) disagreement, difference ; (2) separation ; tvennum skilnai, in two different ways.
-skoran, f. a pressing request; a challenge.
-skot, n. shooting at; sv mikil ., at, so hard shooting, that.
s-kunnigr, -kunnr, a. akin or related to the gods.
-skurr, m. carving in wood or stone (skurr ok trsmi),
-skynja, a, indecl, e-rar rttar, experienced, expert in an art; also with dat.;
-skynjandi, pr. p.= askynja,
-sltta, f. injury inficted by some one (-djfuls),
s-liar, m. pl. champions of the Gods;
-mogin, n. the divine strength of the Gods, esp. used of Thor;
-megir, m. pl. the sons of the Gods;
-mr, m. divine wrath (s hann r smi).
-skn, f. (1) attack, assault; (2) indictment, accusation;
sknar-mar, m. accuser,
ss (gen. ss and sar; pl. sir, acc. si and su), m. one of the old heathen gods in general, or esp. one of the older branch, in opp. to the younger ones (the Vanir),
ss (gen. ss, pl. sar), m. (1) a thick pole, main beam (in a house); (2) in a ship, yard of a sail (beitiss); (3) rocky ridge.
s-stubbi, m. stump of a beam.
st, f. (1) love, affection ; hafa . e-m, to feel a love for; fella . til e-s or vi e-n, to take a fancy to or for one; (2) pl. stir, love between man and woman, esp. affection between man and wife (vel er um stir okkrar, sagi hn)
-staa, f. (1) assertion, contention; (2) pl. disagreement, discord.
sta-lauss, a. loveless.
star-andi, m. spirit of love ;
-angr, n. grief from love ;
-auga. n. loving eye, tender look (lta, renna -augum til e-s)
-band, n. tie or bind of love;
-boor, n. commandment of love;
-brag, n. token of love;
-brimi, -bruni, m. fire of love, ardent love;
-drykkr, m. love-potion ;
-eldr, m. -brmi: -fullr, a. (1) loving; (2) enamoured;
-fundr, m. affectionate meeting;
-gjf, f. gift of grace;
-grein, f. kind of affection ;
-gyja, f. goddess of love;
-grningr, m. act of charity;
-harmr, m. grief from love;
-hirting, f. chastisement of love;
-hiti, m. warmth of love;

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