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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


r-brot, n. inundation of a river;
-br, f.bridge over a river.
r-binn, a. early ready.
r-bll, a. dwelling in abundance,
r-dagar, m. pl., -daga, in days of yore;
-degis, adv. early in the day.
r-djp n. pool in a river.
-rei, f. charge of cavalry, invasion of horsemen;
-reitingr, m. inducement.
-rennilgr, a. easy to face,
-reyr, f. a kind of salmon.
r-eyrr, f. bar, sandbank at the mouth of a river;
-farvegr, m. course of a river,
r-fer, f. (1) season (g rfer) (2) good luck.
r-fltr, a. fast, swift (of a rowing vessel).
r-gali, m. 'the early singer', the cock, chanticleer,
rgalla-lauss, a. free from failure of crop, fertile,
r-galli, m. failure of crop.
r-gangr, m. a year's course, year.
r-gljfr, n. pl. steep cliff's over-hanging a river.
r-gu, m. god of plenty (the god Frey) ;
-gzka, f. good season.
r-hlutr, m. one's portion of a river (as regards fishing rights).
-ria, f. smearing, rubbing (cf. ra ').
rla, adv. (1) early; with gen., rla dags ; (2) in times of yore.
r-langt, adv., -lengis, adv. for a year, during a whole year;
-liga, adv. (1) = rla; (2) yearly ;
-ligr, a. (1) annual, yearly; (2) early.
r-mar, m. steward, esp. of a king's or bishop's estates.
r-megn, n. main stream or current of a river.
r-menning, f. stewardship.
rna (a), v. (1) to earn, gain, get (. e-t) ; (2) . e-m e-s, to procure a thing for one; . e-m gs, to pray for good to one ; . e-m ills, to imprecate evil upon, to curse; . e-m lfs, to intercede for one's life; . e-s vi gu, to pray to God for a thing.
rna (a), v. to go forward, to wander (. rgar brautir).
rnaar-mar, m. intercessor (esp, of Christ and the saints);
-or n. intercession (of the saints),
rnar, m. intercession.
rnan, f. = rnar,
rnandi (pl. -endr), m. intercessor, = rnaarmar,
r-oss, m. mouth of a river,
rr (pl, rir and rar, acc. ru and ra), m. (1) messenger, servant; (2) pl. angels (rir ok hfurir),
rr, a. early (at rum degi).
r-risull, a. given to rising early.
r-sali, -salr, m. precious hangings of a bed (kult ok bljur ok rsall).
r-samr, a. fertile (rsamr vetr),
r-sinn, pp. early sown.
r-skyld, f. yearly rent.
r-straumr, m. current in a river; .
-strnd, f. bank of a river.
r-sli, f. the fact of having prosperous seasons (during one's reign) ;
-sll, a. happy in having good seasons.
r-tal, n. reckoning by years;
-tekja, f. yearly rent
-v, f. anniversary of a man's death.
rtiar-dagr, m.= rt;
-skr, f. obituary.
-runi, m. attack,= rs.
r-va, n. ford of a river.
r-vakr, a. early awake, early rising (rvakr ok svefnugr).
r-vegr, m.= rfarvegr.
r-vnligr, -vnn, a. promising a good season.
r-vxtr, m. the rising or swelling of a river.
ra-mikill, a. daring, enterprising (cf. ris-mikill).
-ri, n. (1) attack; veita e-m ., to talk ; (2) courage, daring, pluck.
-riligr, a. (1) likely, probable; (2) daring, dangerous; (3) ekki riligt, not easy to face.
-rinn. a. daring, enterprising.
ris-fullr, a. = rinn ;
-ltill, a. of small courage;
-mikill, a. daring;
-raun, f. test of courage, daring deed;
-skortr, m. want of courage;
-snarr, a. of great courage, plucky.
-saka (a), v. to accuse, reproach

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