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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-ltr, a. bending forwards, stooping, (cf. ltr).
-lygi, f. slander, calumny.
-lykt, f. issue, decision.
lyktar-minning, f. final admonition;
-dmr, m. final judgement;
-or, n. the last word, peroration;
-vitni, n. conclusive testimony.
-lyktan, f. conclusion, final decision.
-lgja, a. indecl. in heat (of a mare).
mtligr, mttigr, a. loathsome, unpleasant, piteous.
-minna (-ta, -tr), v. to admonish.
-minning, f. (1) admonition, warning; the act of reminding one (of something) ; (2) recollection (. allra synda).
minningar-mar, m. admonisher, reminder;
-or, n. pl. admonition, exhortation ;
-vsur, f. pl. admonitory or warning verses.
-mt, n. cofluence of (two or more) rivers (uppi hj mti).
-munr, a. like (. e-m).
mu-stt, f. erysipelas.
-mla (-ta, -t), v. to blame (. e-m fyrir e-t).
-mlandi (pl. -endr), m. reprover.
-mli, n. blame, reproof, reproach ; leggja e-m e-t til maelis, to reproach one for, or with, a thing.
mlis-laust, adv. without reproach ;
-or, n. reproof;
-samr, a. bringing reproach, shameful;
-verr, a. blameworthy.
n, prep. without; (1) with gen.; ess mttu Gautar illa n vera, they could not well do without it; n allrar vgar, without any mercy; (2) with dat.; n e-s ri, without (against) his will; n aflti, incessantly; (3) with acc.; n alla flr, without any deceit; n leyfi, without leave.
-nafnar, a. renowned, famous.
nau, f. (1) oppression, constraint; (2) bondage ; (3) straits, hardship (also in pl.).
nauar-ok, n. yoke of bondage;
-vist, f. life of oppression or bondage.
-nauga (a): v. (1) to reduce to bondage, to enslave (. e-m) ; (2) to oppress;
nauigr, a. oppressed, enslaved;
-naur, m. = nau.
-nefna (-da, -dr), v. to name, appoint (. dag til orrustu).
-netja (a), v. to entangle as in a net (,. e-n e-u); refl., netjast e-u, to be entangled in.
-neya (-dda, -ddr), v. to force, subject by force.
ning, f. resting, baiting; cf. 'ja'.
-nyt, f. ewe's milk, = r-nyt.
-nja (a), v. to renew.
-ngja, v.= ngja; lt sr e-t ., to be content, rest satisfied, with.
r, n. (1) year; at ri, next year; telja rum, to count time by years; (2) plenty, abundance, fruitfulness ( var r um ll lnd) ; (3) the name of the Rune A.
r, f. oar; draga skip rum, to pull the boat with oars ; ungr undir rum, heavy to pull; draga rar um e-t, to contend for; koma eigi r sinni fyrlr bor, to be under restraint.
r, n. first beginning; r var alda, in times of yore; at morgins ri, um morguninn r = rla um morguninn, early in the morning.
r, adv. (1) anciently, of yore ; (2) early (r um morguninn).
ra-burr, m. the movement of the oars; koma (rast) undir -bur e-s, to become dependent on one; vera undir -buri e-s, to be under one's protection;
-gangr, m. splashing of oars;
-glam, n.= -gangr ;
-lag, n. time in rowing; kunna ralag, to be able to handle an oar.
r-ll, m. river-channel.
r-angr (-rs), m. (1) season, = rfer; (2) produce of the earth.
rar-hlumr, m. oar-handle ;
-hlutr, m. piece of an oar;
-stubbi, m. stump of an oar;
-tr, n. wood for making oars.
-rs, f. assault, attack, = hlaup.
ra-tal, n. number of years; fimtugr at -tali, fifty years of age;
-tala, f. (1) = -tal ; (2) calculation, reckoning of years.
r-bakki, m. bank of a river.
r-bt, f. bettering of the season of produce.

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