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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(2) firm hold or grasp ; átök ok sviptingar, in wrestling.
a-tala, f. rebuke, reprimand (veit e-m átölur).
átan, n. eatable thing, proper food (cf. 'úátan').
á-tekjur, f. pl. manner of taking a thing (Ţorsteini óx móđr viđ átekjur hans).
á-tekning, f. (1) touching; (2) the sense of feeling ;
á-tekt, f. (1) = átek jur ; (2) = átekning (1).
át-fátt, a. n. short of food.
át-frekr, a. greedy, voracious
-girni, f. greediness of food.
átján, card. numb, eighteen.
átjándi, ord. numb. eighteenth.
átján-sessa, f. a ship having eighteen rowing benches.
á-trođ, n., átrođi, m. treading, upon, trampling (verđa fyrir; átrođa).
átrúnađar-mađr, m. a believer, a worshipper.
á-trúnađr, m. belief in (drauma á.); forn á., the old heathen faith.
átt, f. (1) family, race; (2) quarter, direction; see 'ćtt'.
átta, card. numb., eight;
áttandi, ord. numb. Eighth = átti, áttundi.
áttar-auki, m. increase of the family;
-mót, n. relationship;
-œxling, f. propagation of kin.
átta-tigir, m. pl., -tiu, card. numb. eighty.
átt-bogi, m. lineage, -ćttbogi.
átt-feđmingr, m. a measure of eight fathoms (-feđmingr torfs).
átt-hagi, m. one's native place, one' s home (í átthaga sinum).
átt-hyrndr, a. eight-cornered, octagonal.
átti, ord. numb. the eighth átti dagr Jóla; viđ átta mann).
áttján, card. numb. eighteen, the older form = átján.
átt-leggr, m.= ćttleggr;
-lera, a. indecl. degenerate.
átt-mćlt, a. n. name of a metre, a verse containing eight lines, each being a separate sentence.
, -niđr, -runnr, m. kinsman, descendant.
átt-rœđr, a. (1) eighty years of age (2) measuring eighty fathoms, in height, breadth, or depth.
, m. kinsman, = ćttingi.
átt-strendr, a. octagonal.
áttugandi, ord. numb. eightieth.
áttungr, m. (1) the eighth part (a. manna); (2) division of the country (in some parts of Norway).
áttungr, m. kinsman, = aettingi.
áttungs-kirkja, f. a church belonging to an 'áttungr' (in Norway).
átt-visi, f. genealogical knowledge, = ćttvisi.
átt-seringr, m. eight-oared boat;
-ćrr, a. of eight oars (skip áttćrt).
átu-ţýfi, n. stolen eatables.
átölu-lauss, a. undisputed.
ávalt (= of allt), adv. always.
á-vant, a. n. in the phrase, e-s er á., is wanted, needed (einnar mér Freyju á. ţykkir).
á-varđr, a. dear, acceptable, only of man in relation to the gods (avarđir gođunum; ávarđr Guđi).
á-varp, n. calculation (in round numbers), opinion, estimate (at ávarpi flestra manna,.
á-vaxta (), v. to make fertile or productive; á. fé, to put out to interest; refl., ávaxtast, to increase ; ávaxtast međ ţorn ok klungr, to become overgrown with.
ávaxta-lauss, a. (1) unproductive; (2) fruitless, resultless;
-ligr, a. profitable, useful (e-m).
á-vaxtan, f. increase, augmentation.
ávaxtar-samligr, a. profitable;
-samligr, a.= ávaxtar-samligr;
-tími, m. the time of harvest.
ávaxta-samr, a.=avaxtsamr.
ávaxt-lauss, a. unfruitful;
-samligr, a.= avaxtar-samligr;
-samr, a. profitable, fruitful.
á-ván, f. faint expectation or hint segja e-m áván e-s, to give one some hint of a thing.
á-veiđr, f. river fishery.
á-verk, n. (1) bodily injury or lesion, wound (veita, bjóđa, e-m á.); (2) unlawful use of another man's land (as cutting trees in his forest).
áverka-bót. f. compensation for an áverki;
-drep, n. a stroke producing

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