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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gang-samr, a. agressive.
gangs-mar, m. an aggressor (vi mna gangsmenn).
-gau, f. barking (at one) ; abusive language; veita e-m mikla gau, to abuse grossly.
-gengiligr, a. acceptable, agreeable.
-gengt, a. n., e-m verr gengt, one is exposed to gangr.
-gildi, n. value of a ewe (r).
-gildr, a. of a ewe's value.
-girnast (d), v. refl. to covet, lust after (girnast e-t - girnast e-t) ;
f. (1) ardent desire, ambition; (2) cupidity, avarice (hann hafi dregit undir sik Finnskattinn me girnd).
girndar-bil, n., -eldr, -logl, m. .flame of ambition or cupidity;
-lstr, m. vice (passion) of avarice.
-girni, f. (1) ambition; (2) greed, cupidity.
-girnis-fullr, a. avaricious, selfish.
-gjarn, a. (1) ambitious (. ok fgjarn) ; . til fjr, covetous; (2) impetuous, eager (kappar gjarnir ok hrddir).
gjarn-liga, adv. (1) eagerly, vehemently ; (2) with greed or cupidity ;
-ligr, a. proceeding from cupidity or avarice (-lig ran).
ga-hltr, m. profitable share.
, m. gain, profit, benefit.
-grip, n., in the phrase, litill gripum, small of size.
gta (-tta, -ttr), v. to praise or commend highly.
geata-, gen. pl. from 'gta', is prefixed to many words to express something capital, excellent;
-gr, a. excellent;
-gripr, m. capital thing;
-naut, n. fine ox;
-skjtr, a. very swift ;
-vel, adv. excellently well.
gti, n. glory, fame, renown, excellence; in pl., glorious deeds (mikil gti vru sg af Gunnari); gera e-t at gtum, to praise highly.
gtingr, m.= gtismar, gtr mar.
gtis-, gen. from 'gti', prefixed to a great many words with the same meaning as 'gta-';
m.= agta-gripr;
-lknir, m. excellent physician ;
-mar, m. excellent man ;
-verk, n. master-piece; used as an adv. highly, extremely (hsfr gtis sism).
gt-liga, adv. capitally;
-ligr, a. excellent, goodly.
gtr, a. famous, excellent; gaetr hfingi, excellent chief; gtir gimsteinar, noble gems.
-gr, f. gain, profit (= vxtr).
-hald, n. (1) laying hold of, esp. in pl., fighting, brawl; vera hld me mnnum, they come to a tussle; (2) possession ; veita e-u hald or hld, to take possession of; (3) hafa hld vi e-m um e-t, to be equal to (match for) one in a thing.
-hankast (a), v. refl. to become entangled.
-heit, n. invocation, vow.
-henda (-nda, -ndr), v. to lay hands upon, seize;
-hendr, pp. within reach ; au uru hend, they were seized.
-heyrandi, pr. p. within hearing, listening; at llum bosmnnum heyrndum, in the hearing (presence) of all the guests.
-heyriligr, a. worth hearing, well sounding;
-heyris, adv. within hearing, in one's hearing;
-heyrsi, -heyrasli, a. indecl., vera e-s ., to get to know by hearing.
-hlaup, n. (1) onset, attack, incursion ; gera e-t me hlaupum, to do a thing, impetuously ; (2) leaping, covering (of animals).
-hlaups-mar, m. an impetuous person.
-hlekking, f. (1) stumbling block (drepa ftum hlekkingar) ; (2) error, slip; (3) adversity;
-hleypinn , a. impetuous, vehement;
-hlst (dd), v. refl. to give ear to, listen to (. ummli e-s) ; . vi e-n, to agree with ;
-hlinn, a. giving a willing ear, listening readily (. um e-t, til e-s) ; ekki; ., obstinate, self-willed.
hrins-or, n. pl. words (spells) that come true (vera at -orum).
huga-fullr, n. pl. full of care;
-litill, a. slow ;
-mar. a. eager, aspiring

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