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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-mikill, a. eager, vigorous; .
-samt, a. n., e-m er -samt, one is concerned (about something) ;
-verr, a. causing concern, serious.
-hugi, m. (1) intention, mind; e-m er e-t huga, one intends to do a thing; (2) eagerness (ekki skortir ykkr huga) ; (3) mind, opinion (eigi er v at leyna, hverr minn . er um etta) ; (4) care, solicitude, hyggja; (5) devotion; bija eir goin me miklum huga, fervently.
-hyggja, f. care, concern, anxiety bera hyggju fyrir e-m, to be concerned about; fr at honum mikillar hyggju ok reii, it causes him much concern and anger.
hyggjast (a), v. refl., . e-t or um e-t, to be concerned about, take care or thought for.
hyggju-fenginn, -fullr, a. anxious, concerned;
-lauss, a. unconcerned ;
-mikill, a. very anxious; e-m gerist mikit, one grows very anxious;
-samliga, adv. gravely, anxiously;
-samligr, a. anxious-looking;
-samr, a. anxious, careful;
-svipr, m.-yfirbrag, n. grave, anxious look.
hfn, f. (1) freight or loading of a ship ; (2) luggage.
-hgg, n. slaughter of a ewe (r).
i, m. great-grandfather.
i-fangi, i-fangr, m. resting-place (for horses to rest and graze)
-fr, n. fodder for horses at a resting-place;
-vangr, m. = i-fangr (cf.'ja', to bait, and.'vangr', field).
kafa-mar, m. an eager, impetuous man (-mar um e-t).
kafast (a), v. refl., to be vehement, eager ; ., e-t, to busy oneself eagerly with a thing.
kafi, m. eagerness, vehemence; me kafa miklum, vehemently; kafa , eagerly, impetuously; the gen. 'kafa' is prefixed to a great many adjectives and to some substantives, in the sense of in a high degree, very ; kafa fagr, very beautiful; kafa reir, very angry, furious; kafa drfa, a heavy snow-drift.
kaf-leikr, m. eagerness, vehemence;
-liga, adv. (1) vehemently, impetuously; fara kafliga, to rush on; bija -liga, to pray ferevently; (2) very, exceedingly (-liga reir);
-ligr, a. vehement, hot (kafligr bardagi, -lig reii);
-lyndi, n. a hot, impetuous temper;
-lyndr, n. hot-tempered, impetuous.
kafr, a. vehement, fierce (. bardagi) ; enna dag var veizlan allra kfust, at the highest pitch ; neut. as adv., kalla kaft Br, to pray to B. fervently; ra sem kafast, to ride at a furious pace.
-kall, n. (1) calling upon, invocation (. nafn gus) ; (2) clamour, shouting; (3) claim, demand (. til e-s, to a thing).
kalls-lauss, a. free from all claims or demands.
-kals, n. an inportunate, urgent request (cf. kalls).
-kast, n. (1) throwing upon, casting at; (2) fig., assault (. hreins anda) ; (3) pl. taunts ;
-kastan, f. casting upion ;
kasta-samr, a. taunting.
-kef, f. = kati (vgiliga en eigi me kefð).
-kefaror, n. pl. passionate or violent words.
-kenning, f. (1) smack, savour (hafa . e-s or af e-u) ; (2) slight reprimand (gera e-m .);
-kenningr, m. = kenning.
-keypi, n. right of pre-emption.
-klagan, f. accusation, charge.
l-kli, n. bed-covering, counterpane (sngr me klum).
-kneiki, n. shame (sna e-u e-m til kneikis) ;
-koma, -kvma, f. (1) touch; friar ., visitation of war; (2) hurt, wound.
-kfttr, a. round as a ball.
-kveinn, pp. fixed, ,appointed; kvein or, marked, pointed words ; me kvenum orum, in express words.
-kvi, n. decision, verdict; me kvum. expressly.
kvis-teigr, m. a piece of field to be mown in a day ;
-verk, n. piecework, (at er ttt slandi at hafa kvisverk).
-kynnis, adv. on a visit.

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